The Consequences of Sin

Today on Twitter, my friend Yaves, better known all over the world as “The Street Pastor” asked an interesting question: “is it possible that the result of your sin can bring you closer to God? (Think about that real heavy) Let me know what ya’ll think?”

I think so. I think sin initially separates the sinner from God, but I think the consequences of that sin can bring a sinner closer to God. In this journey I’m on to deepen my relationship with God, I’ve committed sins. Lots of them. No sin is greater than the other in God’s eyes, but some sins are certainly harder to move on from. And when I was devastated by the consequences of my sin, all I wanted was God and for Him to set me free. I was so hurt, so wrecked, so lost….all I wanted was that peace I used to have and the closeness with God that I used to have. The world made me big promises yet left me empty-handed. I learned that Jesus is the truth. Period.

So, maybe my sin itself didn’t bring me closer to God, but the consequences definitely did.

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