adaptive_headlightsMy headlight was out on my car. I had no idea. I went to my Pastor’s house to drop something off and he told me. I drove home with my brights on then went to Autozone, paid 15 min for a light and sweetly asked one of the guys to install it.

It’s been almost an hour and this dude is struggling. I don’t understand what is taking so long. I shouldve went to the dealer, but oh well. There is a clip that he can’t get back on. I’m tempted to tell him to tape it back on there so I can go. I’m supposed to hang out with friends, but now I’m exhausted and I’ve been out here with this dude for almost an hour watching him struggle with my car.

Normally in situations like this, all I can think about is how much this moment represents my life in general. At the moment, I can’t think about anything except how ready I am to leave.

He seems nice though. He’s young. 20. Yes, I asked him how old he is, where he went to school (we went to the same middle school at different times) and where he grew up. I’m going to give him a tip because I appreciate his being a young black male doing an honest work. He’s been patient and persevered with fixing this light. For the record, I’m being patient too because this is not how I planned to spend my Friday night. I should be at home eating cookie dough ice cream and watching The Devil Wears Prada on DVD. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night.

I cannot BELIEVE this is taking so long, but then again I can. This is me we’re talking about. Nothing is ever as easy as it should be or as it would be with another person. Everything is a process. Life is constantly hazing me — pledging me and making sure my desire for success is real despite hardships. Life doesn’t allow me to make excuses. I can only produce results. I just wish I had an LS or two who required to stand by my side and have my front & back.

But I guess that’s what Jesus is for.

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