Dating to Marry

Tweet: great advice about dating – don’t waste your time on someone you could not envision yourself marrying…via someone married who’s my age…

I used to always say that I would only date someone I would marry. Then I decided I’m not trying to get married anytime soon, so I’ll just date anyone.

((Insert scary music letting the viewer know that disaster is about to come upon the main female character))


I found myself OBSESSED with a guy who really wasn’t even the type of guy I would want to marry. At all. But, here I was little Miss Naive thinking “I’m not trying to marry the dude, what’s the harm in hanging out.” A LOT. He eventually broke my heart….no, wait, my heart was slaughtered inside of my chest. Then I was mad because, logically, I knew this relationship had zero potential in the first place. Yet, after I’d invested so much, I wanted nothing more than to just be with him. The thing is….the reasons I would never marry a guy like him are exactly the reasons why we didn’t work out.

Go figure.

So, from now on, I only date guys I could see myself marrying. Not saying I want to marry HIM per say, but I need to not think to myself when it’s over “I don’t like guys like him anyway, so why am I sad?”

1 Comment on “Dating to Marry

  1. That’s pretty much where I’m at right now, minus the slaughtered heart. There’s room for error, of course, but I know the warning signs and don’t have the patience to deal with obvious heartbreak-friendly situations.


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