Just Say NO to Overdraft Fees

It’s always something I swear….

overdraftFor those of you who use Mint.com, here is a forewarning: they don’t show you your available balance. They only show you your current balance. So what? Right? WRONG.

So, I’ve been checking Mint.com on a regular basis. The site is sweet! It shows you your balances for your bank accounts, credit cards, IRAs, student loans, etc. It also automatically does budgets and shows you where all your money went. For those of us who use nothing but plastic, Mint.com is a dream.

HOWEVER, I’d been checking Mint.com and it told me I had $400 in one of my checking accounts. Cool beans, I thought. I’ll just pay my credit card bill, buy a Halloween costume for my impending visit to OU’s infamous Halloween party, go out to dinner, pay my insurance bill. The list goes on. I ended up spending more than $300 in one day. I was completely fine though because Mint.com said I had more than $100 left. I paid my credit card bill, got some gas and went to Chipotle. The next day, I was home relaxing and decided to look at my actual bank account. My $62 credit card payment hadn’t went through yet and I only had $40 of available funds! I was going to overdraw my account in the morning if I didn’t fund my account right then.

I had no options. The bank was closed. It was too late to cancel the credit card payment. Transferring the money from another one of my checking accounts or paypal would take 2-3 business days. I could only do a cash advance from one of  my other credit cards if I went inside the local branch. I was screwed big-time. I decided to try my charm at the branch the next day. I heard somewhere that they do overdraft forgiveness if you overdrew your account once in 12 months. Well, I never, ever, ever overdraw my account (when my dad was alive he was named on the account and

overdraft (1)would never let it be overdrawn). However, Chase bank isn’t very nice so I was taking a HUGE gamble with that. I had just gotten myself out of an overdraft fee with Wachovia bank a few days ago. (Clearly my financial life isn’t my focus). Who has money and still overdraws their accounts? I need to condense my bank accounts. That is the problem. I have too many and I forget what money is where and which card and what I paid with what and it’s all too confusing! I do know though that Chase is the “mean bank” out of the four that I have. I was outta luck.

Finally, I decided to dig around my room.

I found some $2 bills that belonged to my dad. I didn’t want to spend those…although in the name of a positive checking account, he would have understood. I found six dollars and just needed four more. I considered calling a friend to borrow the funds, but I had no one to call. I would do it for one of my friends in a heartbeat, but I’m not too sure I have any who would do that for me. I decided to save myself the awkward phone call when I remembered  I hadn’t checked my purse.

$22 was sitting right in my wallet.

It’s nice to know that even though my earthly father is gone, my Heavenly Father is still looking out for me.

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