OhioU Halloween

I’m supposed to go to Halloween at OU tonight. The Halloween party at Ohio University is a statewide party where people who go to OU, used to go to OU, or know someone’s brother/cousin/uncle who went to OU all come to campus and kick it ALL night…and then some. Don’t forget that extra hour!

I attended OU for four years and only went once (my senior year). I had a BALL. I wore my cheerleading uniform from my junior year of highschool (poms, ribbons, spanx and all) :

Halloween'08Shoutouts to Jonesboro High School!!!

This year I actually bought an outfit from one of those online Halloween shops. I am going as a Laila Ali/Boxer (pics coming soon). I don’t  know what kind of shoes I should wear though. I don’t do “sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy [insert whatever profession that has nothing to do with sexy].” It’s a costume not a porno.

I just hope I make it tonight.

I get off work around 730p. My outfit will already be in my car. Then I am going to drive all the way to Athens, hang out and be at work in Columbus at 9:00 in the morning. I am the queen of #doingtoomuch.

Tonight should be fun though. Nothing like last year — last year was a different kind of fun. But it’s definitely NOT that kinda party this year.

…at least, I don’t think it is but I never can tell…

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