The Realization

“Love at first sight is only realizing an imagination that has always haunted us; or meeting with a face, a figure, or cast of expression in perfection that we have seen and admired in a less degree or in less favorable circumstances a hundred times before.” – William Hazlitt

I saw this quote today and immediately thought of him — who I have not thought of a name for yet — I should just call him Dream Come True. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but he is great. Seriously. Friggin. Great. Haha. I wouldn’t necessarily call this “love” at first sight (again, a little dramatic) but you get my drift. It really is like I’ve realized an imagination that has always haunted me. I ask him sometimes, “did I dream you?” Im only half-kidding when I say that.

This guy is great. It’s weird because the way things are working out. I don’t want to jump the gun, put the cart in front of the horse or count my chickens before they’re hatched or any other saying that means I’m doing too much before necessary. I don’t know.

Only time will tell.

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