Black Friday

Every year, I always plan to join the mad dash of discount shoppers swarming stores at 5am the day after Thanksgiving. This year is the first time I actually did it.

Two words: never again.

I went to Target first because I wanted to buy all of the seasons of Sex and the City for $8.99 (originally priced 26.99 – 29.99). I also wanted to get seasons 4 and 6 of Friends to complete my collection — also $8.99. When I got to Target, every single season of Friends and SATC was gone except for SATC Season Six Part One. It didn’t matter anyway. There were 1-thousand people in that store. The lines were ridiculous! So, I left and went to meet my parents at Best Buy…but not before snagging a Target ad to try and get Best Buy to match the prices on those show DVDs. Best Buy was also incredibly crowded. The line had to be an hour and a half long as it wrapped around the store. Even if I did find a bargain, there was NO WAY I was waiting in that line. My parents ended up getting a TV and my mom got me season 4 and 6 of Friends (Best Buy matched Target’s price). I decided against the seasons of SATC because I didn’t want to spend that kind of money. Looking back, I could’ve gotten a season or two, but I didn’t know which ones to get anyway.

I don’t really understand Black Friday. I can stay at home and shop online and get the SAME deals. Or I can sleep in and just pay the extra $10 – $50 for whatever item and shop in peace. I won’t be Black Friday shopping again. It’s crazy out there!

Besides, I went to the mall and spent a ridiculous amount of money. I love clothes. I’m a shopaholic and I know it. But I go to work every day and I know I’m going to spend a ton of money every time I come to this city. I’m not even done yet either. I don’t know what it is with me and clothes. No matter how much laundry is piling up or how hard it is to squeeze another clothing-laden hanger in my closet, I have an insatiable shopping appetite. A girl can never have too many clothes.

I just won’t be buying any more on Black Friday. No thank you!

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