Helping those in Need

Yesterday, I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself because my dad won’t be here for Christmas. I was thinking about how lonely I am and how I don’t have a best friend in this city or a boyfriend. Then something dawned on me: there are people MUCH worse off during this holiday season than I am. So, I decided I want to adopt-a-family.

I don’t know how to go about doing this. I just want to find a single mom (or a single dad) who legitimately has no money to provide for their kids this holiday season and I want to make that happen for them. That’s the thing about loneliness and sadness — helping someone in need makes those feelings go away. Especially in this economy, I know there is some parent out there doing the best he/she can to make ends meet and just needs a little bit of help.

How do I find people like this?  I guess I could go ask the church. People probably call asking for help all the time. Maybe I’ll go talk to the high school tomorrow or the elementary school and see who I can help. I want this family to really need help though. I don’t want to pile toys on top of toys.

I’m praying that God would make this family cross my path. Sometimes people need help and no one even knows it. When I was in HS and just moved to Georgia, my mom sister and I were struggling. Unbeknowst to us, the neighborhood banded together and provided Christmas toys and food for us. That was so nice of them to do that for us and my mom was crying she was so happy. I want to pay that forward.

My dad always helped people. He loved to provide for people who didn’t have the means to provide for themselves. He would definitely want me to help an unfortunate family this year. I’ll do it in honor of him.

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