True Love Waits

I got my purity ring in the mail today. I ordered it from Limoges jewler. It’s super snug on my finger, but maybe that’s a good thing because it will serve as a constant reminder of what I’ve committed myself to — or shall I say re-committed. I’ve been through a lot in my life, but that past two years have been especially difficult.

This ring represents a new beginning for me. I feel better wearing it. I have asked God to guard my heart, body and mind. I’m going in a new direction.

Obviously, a piece of jewelry is not going to keep me out of the bed with someone, but it is definitely a start, a necessary gesture and it will serve as a constant reminder, true love waits. I’ve tried it the other way and failed miserably. It’s time to try it God’s way.

With this ring, I commit my mind, body and heart to God.

Revelation 4:11 – Hold on to what you have so no one may take away your crown.

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