Saturday Afternoon Epiphany: March Miser Month

Today, I had a reality check: I need to get my life together.

It all started when I called my bank to check on my emergency funds account and was shocked at the low balance. Literally, my heart dropped to my feet and I thought, “I’ve been robbed!” I pressed “5” to hear the last 5 transactions. Turns out I hadn’t been robbed…just careless.

I sat there fuming. Not mad at anyone in particular, just irritated that I let myself (and my account) get like this. Then (because sitting there being mad never changed anything), I began to think about changes I can make…

For the next 30 days, I’m putting myself on a spending freeze. BARE MINIMUM spending.

In the past 8 months, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money. It’s shameful actually….and, on what???

In the past month or so, I have cut out a lot of my clothes shopping (not completely, but I’ve definitely reduced it by about 75 percent). Now, I need to cut out my shopping in general and frivolous spending. I have to pay bills, but that is it.

I realize…

I don’t need a cappuccino from Speedway every morning, I need to go to bed at night

I don’t need to buy lunch at work every day, I need to cook/eat all the food in my kitchen

I don’t need to walk aimlessly around Walmart, I need to go to the gym

I don’t need to give money in church every service because I don’t want anyone looking at me funny, I need to keep my giving between me & God

I don’t need to drive all over town, I need to just go home

I don’t need to buy everything my heart desires, I need to find contentment in what I have

I deny myself nothing. Nothing. That, in itself, is a problem. I feel like I am being deprived in areas I cannot control (my friendships, relationships, family etc), so I indulge in areas that I can control (shopping, attitude, etc). Basically, I do what I want to do. That’s no way to live.

Starting today, I’m making a change. I’m getting a jumpstart on March because there are still two days left in February, but I am spending as little as humanly possible for the entire month.

M is for Miser. March Miser Month. LOL

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