Lessons in Love

I’ve learned a lot in the past year. Besides the obvious lessons that come along with living on your own for the first time and the when-will-I-ever-need-this-again lessons that come along with being executor of an estate, I’ve learned a lot about relationships with men. A LOT.

It sucks though because every time something ends, people always say “you learned a lesson”.

That would be great if a relationship with a guy were like Philosophy 101 – I go into it knowing that I am learning a lesson to use later down the road. Relationships (hopefully) are not like that at all. And if the consolation of getting my heart broken is a “lesson” well, I want my money back.

Besides, when does the learning stop?

When is class dismissed? When do I actually get to put my lessons into practice? And how many lessons will I learn before I actually get it right?

The problem with living and learning in relationships is that while you can learn what you did wrong with Boy A that doesn’t necessarily apply to Boy B because people are different and I must make allowances for that.

Is it possible to do different things yet get a variation of the exact same result?

Are there universal truths when it comes to men?

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