Yesterday, I Cooked

Me and my friend Danika. She's a good teacher!

I got the title of this blog from my soror Iyanla Vanzant’s book “Yesterday, I Cried” because I wanted the dramatic effect. Then I realized most people probably have never heard of the book and much less have ever read it, so never mind.

Anyway, yesterday I went with a friend to see Twilight Eclipse (Sidenote: Eclipse was good movie. I also saw the first two, but honestly what is with the million sequels to every sci-fi movie? Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight…sheesh! I hope Bella dies in the next one so we can all move on. Is that rude? Oh and I’m #TeamEdward by the way.)

Back to my story…

After Twilight, my friend suggested we make fajitas. My friend is an excellent cook. I am an excellent go-out-to-eater. My first thought was suggesting that I treat her to Cheesecake Factory instead. They sell everything, so I was sure they had fajitas.It’s not that I don’t love fajitas (I do!!!!), but when she suggested that we make them, all I could think about was having to go grocery shopping for the food, make the food, then wash all of those dishes. I hate washing dishes, but not more than I hate dirty dishes in the sink…and the gnats that those dirty dishes bring. Cooking always seems like too much work when there is a good restaurant on every corner in Columbus. And, at a restaurant, they’ll make you anything you want to eat! PLUS the food  is relatively inexpensive considering that I’m only one person. I figured that my friend and I could sit down, order our food, eat, leave a tip and go on with our evenings and leave the cleanup to them.

Even though I went through this entire thought process, I couldn’t bring myself to suggest we eat out because my friend seemed really excited about making the fajitas. Plus, I know in my heart of hearts that I need to learn how to cook more than just Kraft’s macaroni and cheese and spaghetti — if only just because it will make me a better person and my lifelong quest is to be a better person.

Besides, it’s not that I cannot cook, it’s that I do not cook. Carrie Bradshaw did not cook, Bird (from Soul Food) could not cook. There is a difference.

Spare me the whole, “your husband is going to want his wife to cook” or “you’ll have to cook for your kids” argument. I haven’t been in a serious relationship in three years; therefore, marriage is not even on my radar at this point. And I’m not having kids until after I get married, so yeah….those are not good arguments. Besides, there are plenty of married women who don’t cook. Plenty of them. (I don’t plan to be one of them, but I’m just saying.)

Anyway, a turnoff to me about cooking is that I need very basic help and recipes don’t allow for that. For someone who doesn’t cook, recipes can only do so much because they assume too many things. A recipe will say I need “one cup of sliced green peppers”. They don’t say “rinse off the pepper”, “pull out the stem”, “scoop out the seeds”, “hold the pepper in the palm of your hand and slice toward you”. This is why it was good that my friend was there coaching me step-by-step. She showed me how to thaw frozen chicken and everything (I know you just put the meat in hot water, but I didn’t know how a person knows when the meat is done thawing!)

And that’s how I cooked…with my friend showing me step-by-step what to do. She showed me how to slice around the onion to get the top layer to peel easily. (Darn! I meant to ask her why her onion was purple and not white.) She showed me how to prepare the tortillas on the skillet and on the actual burner. She showed me how to cut chicken and turn it and make sure it cooks on both sides. She showed me how to put the fajita powder in with the peppers and chicken and mix it all together. All in all, making fajitas ended up being really fun and they turned out great!

Here's a pic after the meat, peppers and onions were done

I don’t like how I have all of this fajita stuff left over (refried beans, sour cream, salsa, etc) but I can make fajitas again or make something else like tacos or quesadillas in order to use up the extra ingredients.

I’m going to try to cook something three more times this week (anything more than that would be unrealistic). Hopefully when I’m 25 next year (eeeeeek!!!!), I’ll know how to cook lots of things.

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