I have a boyfriend now.

He is wonderful.

I am on #Cloud24.

God has blessed me.

That is all for now….

2 Comments on “It’s Facebook Official!

  1. It’s all about that fb status, aint it?? 🙂 I would say “congratulations” but I think that’s too much like Thugnificent congratulating Huey for reading 🙂 I’m happy for you…I think that’s better to say. It’s wonderful to care about someone and have someone care about you. I know I enjoy my status as a kept man. It will be interesting to see if your writing changes…more posts on rainbows, butterflies, sunshine and….uh….2/$1 bags of candy at the gas station (orange and cherry slices in particular). Sometimes life is good.


  2. 2/$1 bags of candy at the gas station? Hahaha. Yeah my writing will change. I’m glad though cause this blog was never supposed to be all about relationships anyway. It seemed to just morph into that. I’m glad to go back to the parts of my life that still make me think “This canNOT be my life!” Lol.


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