I’ve Woken Up Now that September Ended

[Alissa’s note: Do you get the title of this blog? It’s a play on the Greenday’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” song title. (Sometimes, I’m too clever for my own good and NO ONE gets it. Like my AlissaInPink Twitter is a play on “pretty in pink”. No one gets that. #FAIL.) ]

I haven’t blogged in forever.

And by “forever” I mean more than a month. I wouldn’t let a month go by without going to church (except for that short stint I had in college when I realized the churches in Athens weren’t worth getting out of bed for and my church in Columbus was too unpredictable for me to drive 90 minutes to be there, so I decided to watch it live online instead). I wouldn’t go a month without calling my best friends or hanging out with my boyfriend. So, how did I let a month go by without writing? I love writing. I miss writing. And I’m back. To writing.

A lot has happened in the past month. For starters, I had the ultimate this-cannot-be-my-life experience in terms of my career. Long story short, I am no longer the pathetically unmotivated and frustrated woman I was when I graced this blog in August. Nope. Leave it to a well-paying, great hours, great benefits, great opportunity for advancement job to remind me what I really want to do with my life and give me a sneak preview of what my life will be if I don’t work my butt off to reach my goals: utterly miserable. It’s amazing what a month can bring.

So, in a way, I’m back to square one. The same square I stood on in June of 2009 right after college graduation. But this time, I’m not dealing with the death of a parent, living on my own for the first time, being discouraged by the success of others, or feeling like I’ll be single forever. This time, I am older, wiser, stronger and happier. I’m moving forward. I’m focused. I’m motivated.

Who knows? I may even dust off those GRE books. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Woken Up Now that September Ended

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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up. I must admit that the Green Day and “Pretty in Pink” references are some interesting choices. I’m guessing you probably have an eclectic taste in music and movies. Personally, I would have gone with Howard the Duck/Weird Science and Jagged Little Pill/Under the Table and Dreaming, but that’s just me :0) Dust off that GRE book!


  2. Yeah my tastes are pretty eclectic I guess. But some things, I only reference for writing but don’t necessarily like (for instance: I’ve never actually seen the movie “Pretty in Pink”).

    Oh and I pulled my GRE book off my shelf and put it next to my bed. That’s step one to opening it I guess. Lol.


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