They Don’t Call It a B.S. Degree For Nothing….

“It is possible to do everything right and still lose.” – Tony Calabrese

So this is what my Econ professor meant by "sunk costs".

If someone would’ve told me this would be my life sixteen months after college, then maybe I would’ve skipped college altogether. Sure I made friends, joined a sorority, had fun and learned a lot but, looking back it just looks like a very bad decision. You see, I was convinced that just as graduating from college meant receiving a degree, receiving a degree meant getting a job.


Apparently, going to college only serves to increase your chances of getting a job. At least that’s what someone told me (six months after I received my degree).

My reaction was: WHAT?! You mean I spent four years and a bucketload of money to increase my chances?

I feel like the idiot who buys lottery tickets every day hoping to win the lottery because the instructions say “the more you play, the more chances you have to win.” I would call that guy a sucker. But if he spent the time, effort, and money on the lottery that I spent on college, he would be a winner ten times over. So who’s the sucker now?


On one hand I feel righteously angry about my inability to get a job in my field. On the other hand, I feel like a spoiled self-entitled brat demanding her way. And on the third hand (cause don’t we all need a third hand?), I feel un-Christian for not “waiting patiently on the Lord”. Mostly though I just feel duped.

At this point, Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism should just send me an email with “GOTCHA!” in the subject line because I got “got”. They got my time. They got my money. They got my endorsement of the journalism school. And I got nothing.

Ironically, during my senior year, I was chosen to be showcased as “The Promise of OU”. The promise! How ridiculous! If my life is the promise, then every prospective student needs to run the other way.

Of course, some people may think me ridiculous for assuming that college = employment. But that is exactly what we are taught or else NO ONE would go! And college does equal employment for some people. My problem was, I incorrectly assumed that graduating at the top of my class, having two prestigious internships, being published in national news outlets, appearing on Fox & Friends as a student analyst, being an RA, working at student media outlets, and having awesome work ethic would securely classify me as “some people”. Not.At.All.

This is a joke.

But the “if you go to school you’re guaranteed a job” idea dies hard even in the face of its obvious deceitfulness. Therefore, right now I am in the process of applying to two grad schools in hopes of (you guessed it!) getting a job.

Go figure.

10 thoughts on “They Don’t Call It a B.S. Degree For Nothing….

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  1. I totally know the feeling of being conned like this. It’s true, I though uni would guarantee me a job – and I’m fast working out that this certainly isn’t the case! Good luck with the job hunt and grad school.


  2. This was a great read! I’m soo mad though you wrote the sequel first and not “I know why they call it an ASS degree” for those of us with associates degrees! Lol Be encouraged knowledge will lead to power anyway you slice it.


  3. I feel you. My advisor used to always quote Abraham Lincoln: “Prepare and some day my chance will come.” Some day? So….that day could be the day before I die…or the day after. It was some of the silliest sh!t I ever heard, but I never told her that. :o) I’m on a timetable, baby. I can’t wait until I’m 80 for my day to come. My day needs to be today! And that seems reasonable to me since I’ve seen people who are completely unprepared get their chance yesterday 🙂

    If I had to do it all over again, I would have done so much differently. Still, I was lucky because degrees in mathematics provide a whole lot of flexibility. I get job offers in the private sector as well as teaching without even applying for them. Your field is notoriously difficult to break in to. Maybe you should try to work for NPR and get yourself fired so Fox can give you the Juan Williams treatment :o) I don’t mean to make light of your situation, but sometimes you just got to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situations you find yourself in and keep it moving. Keep grinding and you will find a way. Damn, I’m starting to sound like my advisor by offering you no useful advice :0)


    1. “My day needs to be today! And that seems reasonable to me since I’ve seen people who are completely unprepared get their chance yesterday .” Preach!!! Yeah I think of statements like the one you ended with and the one your advisors told you as more words of encouragement than advice. Simply because though it’s encouraging, it’s useless advice. Hahaha. Thanks for the encouragement though 🙂


  4. Girl…I commend you for trying again. I do not like school. I enjoyed my five years in college but not so much the going to class. I’ve learned so much in college that I did not attain in a classroom. So I feel like my $40K spent was all for nothing.
    Grateful for a job but pissed that it’s not nearly where I want to be. Sigh…Woes.


  5. I feel the same way as you and I know alot of other people in the same boat. Blame the economy. I have job but its nothing like what I want to do and my degree has nothing to do with what I want (I don’t know what I want but it doesn’t involve my degree) I’m taking the steps to apply to grad school as well. I feel like my tens of thousands of dollars were wasted and what I have know I could’ve gotten w/o a degree.

    Things will work out though. My friend waited 8 months for a job but what he got is great!


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