Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy your life.

My dad used to always say that to me and like most other things he said (save your money, always bring a coat, put air in your tires, etc), it seemed to go in one ear and out the other until it was too late (and I was broke and freezing with a flat tire).

But today, it really did hit me.

I need to enjoy my life as it is right now. It’s not perfect. It’s not the one I signed up for. But it’s mine and I don’t have to spend every second trying to change it.

I feel like activity is ingrained in our minds. We always have to be striving for something. Working towards something. Writing something. Reading something. Buying something. Going somewhere. Just doing, doing, doing, and more doing, but when are we “done”? Never? It seems like the only time we stop to appreciate life is in death.

I want to change that in my own life. I want to appreciate my life AS-IS. Because as weird as it seems, I know that one day I will remember today as the “good-old days” and I want to remember this day as actually being GOOD.

I’m still applying for jobs and doing laundry and trying to get into the habit of cooking, but I’m also enjoying. God has blessed me tremendously and I will not return that blessing with complaining. I have nothing to complain about.

Right now I’m unemployed. And being unemployed sucks. I swear no one ever asked me where I work until now. I used to hemm and haw. But now I just say, “nowhere”.

For a while I felt like a failure. I don’t have a job? How embarrassing!

Then I began to think, I’m not embarrassed. I’m happy.

And one day I will be chasing breaking stories, reporting in the early morning hours, spending my weekends at a news desk, anchoring until the wee-hours of the night, and unable to silence my Blackberry for just 30 minutes of peace.

When that day comes, I want to be able to look back on today and say “I really enjoyed that time in my life.”

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