I Don’t Want Anything (Not Even Facebook & Twitter) Instead of God….

I got to thinking tonight after church, I don’t want anything instead of God.

I don’t want anything in the place of or as a substitute for God. Not money. Not a career. Not a position. Not the truck in my garage. Not the clothes in my closet. Not an approving glance. Not my pride. Not my sleep. Not food. Not even my good name.

I don’t want anything instead of God. 

If I have to place God on one side and the entire world on the other, I’m choosing God every time.

And this is the main reason that I’m powering down Twitter and Facebook this week. Without realizing it, my friend said something profound today about people’s overshare via Facebook status: “There are some things you need to take to God in your prayer closet.” I laughed when she said it, but I’ve been reflecting all day on how true that is. And though she wasn’t talking about me, I can think of many things I’ve put on a Facebook status or on Twitter that would have been best addressed to God alone. I’m a writer and by nature an open book, but I wonder how often I have Tweeted or updated my Facebook status instead of prayed. Does social networking take the place of God in a person’s life? No. Can a person allow social networking take the place of God? Yes.

I realized today, to my complete horror, that on average I’ve been talking to virtual strangers via Twitter and Facebook more than I talk to God. Travesty!!!

One of my favorite books is “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. In it, the author describes how he lived in the constant presence of God. At.All.Times. He still worked and stuff, but he remained conscious of God in every single moment of his life.

Whose presence have I been practicing? My Tweeps and Facebook friends?

I’m not saying social networking is bad . I’m saying that I left “let everything be done in moderation” when I downloaded Tweetdeck to my PC and UberTwitter and Facebook to my Blackberry. I am a social media machine. These sites never sleep and I can literally talk to someone 24 hours a day. I can talk to God 24 hours a day, yet how often have I chosen to chat up a random Tweep so as not to be alone with my own thoughts? I’ve squandered opportunities to grow closer to God through conversation for want of getting a “like” or a “Retweet”. I’ve ignored the chance to read my Bible on my phone and opted for reading my Twitter timeline instead.

I don’t want anything instead of God.

What am I doing? I'm taking my thoughts to God

Further, I am stepping back from Facebook and Twitter because I am evaluating the effects these sites have on me and the sensitivity of my spirit. A lot of times, through reading a simple timeline or newsfeed, I am forced to ingest mindless chatter, gross innuendos (and flat out nasty statements), and general comments that are anti-everything I stand for. I’m not a perfect person, but I am striving to walk my Christian life out daily. Why make it harder for myself by indulging in Facebook more than putting my FACE in the only BOOK that really matters?

I don’t want anything instead of God.

Another reason I’m untying myself from social media for a week, and perhaps this reason is a little more heavy, is I need a break from what it has been doing to my state of mind regarding my past.

I’ve made mistakes in the past. I’ve involved myself with people whose names that I shouldn’t even know because of how different our lives are. (You know how there are some people you never come across in your daily life? You never bump into Kobe Bryant at Walmart. You don’t chill with Kim Kardashian on Tuesday afternoons? Not because these are bad people persay, but because your lifestyles never intersect. Well, there are some people I’ve dealt with in the past who I’m convinced our lives should have never intersected and only did so cause I was at the wrong place – physically, mentally and spiritually.)

As I said in “Bidding Bitter Goodbye”, I’ve forgiven everyone, but what I didn’t go into is how hard it has been to forgive myself.

I could write a book about the lessons I learned, but instead of acknowledging my own naivete, extreme hopefulness or general innocence, I berated myself for not “knowing better”. This is ridiculous. Sure, some of the things I encountered could have been avoided had I listened to my head more than my heart, but some of those things, a LOT of those things I had no way of ever seeing coming! And in some cases, my own strong feelings shocked me more than anything. So yeah, I made the best decisions with the information (and, at times, the faulty reasoning) that I had at the time. I made mistakes that I am not making anymore. I accept God’s grace and forgiveness and I move on….until I read someone’s FB status or Tweet that reminds me of a decision I made at one point and I feel stupid all over again. And though I’ve learned the lesson and moved on to something far more “Genuine”, I am angry at myself for being able to relate. It’s a vicious cycle. And right now I blame social networking.

So I’m done for a week. Monday to Monday.

Yeah a week to some people may not be long, but this is a girl who has more than 25-thousand tweets and used to be known for appearing in Facebook timelines three or four times a day. Plus, I feel like it’s unrealistic (and unnecessary) to remove myself from these sites forever. I just need balance.

In the age of social networking and uber-connectedness, I am re-learning to take things to God in my prayer closet and not my Tweeps on Twitter. I need to give God the opportunity to speak to me more. I need to get back in the habit of talking to Him about everything and listening for His response. I need to be aware of the people around me and the opportunities presented to share the love of Christ with someone. If my head is in my keyboard, I’m ignoring these chances at the possible expense of someone’s life. And if I’m telling Twitter and Facebook my every thought then they have taken the place of God in that instance.

And I don’t want anything instead of God.

“Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Anything (Not Even Facebook & Twitter) Instead of God….

Add yours

  1. I totally feel you on this post.
    It’s so hard to cut down when a lot of your “work” involves being active on these social media sites.
    But at the end of the day, what’s more important in life?
    Glad you made that realization.


    1. Right!!! I wanted to log onto to Twitter today just to repost my link, but then I realized that would go against what I said in the blog. Haha. Thanks for reading Lucy! You’re awesome.


  2. Everyone needs to take one of these “breaks” from social networking from time to time. I need to do this myself, been spending far too much time communicating with everyone BUT God. Enjoy your break!


  3. I love this post. I’ve never thought about it before, but I’m definitely guilty of spending way more time talking to my twitterpeeps than I do to God. I’m not sure I’m ready to take a break, but I’m definitely going to make the time to tip the balance back in God’s favour.


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