Maybe Going Back to School is the Answer….

My lease is up on my apartment in July.

Then what?

I’ve been asking myself that since I moved in last April…yes, April. (FYI: A 15-month lease is NEVER a good plan.)

So, July is my deadline.

Part of my whole “enjoy your life as it is now” plan is much easier when I have deadlines of when this life as I know it is going to change.

The truth is, I don’t know what I want, but I do know what I don’t want and it is THIS.

Even though my degree has let me down thus far, I am seriously considering going back to school. Then, at least, I could enjoy my life as it is knowing that my life as it is will change drastically when I go back to school.

The problem? I don’t want to go back to school. I want the first school I attended to matter. As of yet, it doesn’t. So, how am I to assume the second school I go to will?

Plus, going back to school after two years of being out is LOSING. It’s one thing to go right away or to go in order to change career direction, but going two years after graduation to get a degree I don’t need and acquire a debt I don’t want seems ridiculous. But what is my other option? This? No.

Maybe I will become a professional student. No one will hire me, so I’ll just keep going to school forever. I’ll never have to pay back student loans cause I will always be a student. I’ll die of old age perpetually unemployed yet the smartest person since Solomon.

[I’m only half-kidding.]

Seriously though, maybe going back to school is the answer.

If that’s the case then the only thing standing in the way between me and my application being as good as “in the mail” is the fact that I have to secure three recommendation letters.

I know one person to ask (and a possible second just came to me!). I only need a third person. I have no clue who to ask. I know a long shot, but if I ask him and he says yes, then I have to go to grad school. I can’t change my mind between now and Fall 2011.

I don’t even want to go back to school. I only want to go if I can guarantee myself a job. As I’ve learned in the 1.5 years since graduation, school doesn’t guarantee a job.

School will guarantee living in a better city with more career promise than Columbus though.

Come to think of it…that fact, alone, is worth the tuition.

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