Thankful For A Life I Can’t Help But to Like: My Own :-)

I've got a million and one things to smile about...

Right now, I am sitting on my bed in a T-shirt and socks, surrounded by pink and white pillows, typing on my Macbook Pro, reading blogs and updating while watching Sex and the City reruns on DVD (#TeamAidan!).

Later, I am taking my friend to work, going to the mall to return a coat to Nordstrom, interviewing a friend about his up-and-coming music career, starting an essay for my grad school application, deciding whether to make or buy a dish for this Christmas party I’m going to with my boyfriend tonight…oh and I might do laundry somewhere in there if my roommate is finished.

My life is good. 

I don’t have any debt. I walk in divine health. I live in a nice townhome style-apartment. I have a cool roommate. I had the guts to quit a job I hated. I volunteer (and attend) at the best church this side of heaven. I drive my 2nd favorite truck. I still keep in contact with my friends from college. My mother and I are extremely close. I have five adorable nieces/nephews to buy Christmas gifts for. I date the best combination of good looks, smarts, and personality ever put in one human being. And I still have my own good looks :-).

What’s not to like about my life?

I’ve spent the past few days, weeks, (okay MONTHS) lamenting my life. I go on and on about how OU let me down in terms of being what I needed to start my career, how much I hate being forced to live in Columbus and how I am still looking for the life I signed up for. This certainly isn’t the life I signed up for, but in some ways – in most ways – it is better. Much better.

Being sad is easy. Complaining incessantly is accepted. Looking for the negative is habit. But being thankful, that is life-giving, necessary and peaceful.

I am thankful. I’m thankful for the things I have and the things I don’t. I’m thankful for the ability to enjoy exactly where I am while I work to get where I’m going to be.

Further, I am smart enough to know that my life will not always look like this. One day, I will look back on today December 10th, 2010 and call today the good ol’ days. Not because my life at the time won’t be wonderful, but because that’s human nature.

So if I’m going to call today the good ol’ days later, then I might as well call it that today.

And you know what? Today IS a good day.

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