Abandon the Search for the “Perfect Will of God”

I don’t like when people overspiritualize things. I believe in Jesus and God and heaven and hell and the supernatural and everything that comes with it; however, if God didn’t want us to use logic, He would not have given it to us.

You have abandoned logic to your own peril if you stay in a terrible situation and then blame God.

People do this with jobs all the time. You don’t have enough money to pay your bills, but instead of trying to increase your income through asking your boss for a raise or seeking new employment, or a side job, you say: God didn’t tell me to talk to my boss or God didn’t tell me to quit or God didn’t tell me to accept this new job opportunity.

Ummmm…..You can’t pay your bills. What more does God have to say? Stop trying to be some sort of martyr and use the common sense God gave you.

The truth is, too many Christians are in a constant search for “The Perfect Will of God” that I believe simply does not exist. The Will of God is for you to know Him and to tell others about Him. Period. Everything else is up to you. When did Christianity turn into nothing more than an insurance policy against anything bad happening to us? And how has that worked out for anybody?

The faulty thinking is if you take Job A and hate it then that is CLEARLY not God’s will for you. Isn’t that how we think? Isn’t that what we’re taught? If you’ve ever said “I don’t know what God wants me to do” then theologically, you’ve missed the point.

Seeking wisdom is one thing, but seeking out a perfect life and masking it as a righteous search for the “perfect will of God” is another.

If living in the perfect will of God is your goal, then what is the alternative? Is there a will of God for me that is imperfect? How do I know which one I’m living in? Someone blesses me with $100 on Monday: Perfect Will of God. I lock my keys in the car on Tuesday: Imperfect Will of God. Or is it the other way around because I should be relying on God for money and locking my keys in the car was really His provision? This kind of thinking will have you going in circles! On a larger scale, I have a so-so life in Columbus, but I feel like God wants me here cause I was born here. But what if I want to move to Charlotte? God hasn’t told me to go. If I go will I miss God?

Unless you’re in sin, I don’t believe you can “miss” God. Where are you that God is not there? What situation can you find yourself in that God is not in it too? The Bible says if I make my bed in hell He is there. So what makes me think he won’t be there if I move to a new apartment?

The bottom line is this: if you’re a Christian, you should be in constant communion with God. The Bible says acknowledge God and He will direct your paths. The Bible doesn’t say, sit there and make no decision until Jesus comes out of heaven and tells you what to do. Who are you? Gideon? Just go. Just do. Or don’t. Make a decision, but don’t pretend the decision is being made FOR you. God won’t even force people to choose Him yet their *eternity* is at stake, so why do you think would God force you to stay in a situation? He gives us free will. The Bible says “I have placed before you life and death. Blessings and cursings. YOU CHOOSE.”

And honestly, if your decision isn’t heaven or hell then why are you mulling over it and blaming God? Are you not wanting to make a decision because you don’t want to have a bad life? Not being able to pay your bills sounds like a bad life already. Being single until you’re 47 because you’re not sure who God wants you to marry sounds like a bad life already. Staying in Columbus when you despise the cold sounds like a bad life already. Not having a car and having to bum rides sounds like a bad life already. Working a dead-end job while someone else lives your dreams sounds like a bad life already!

From where I’m standing it seems that the search for “The Perfect Will” has replaced the search for God. I am much less interested in what my mom wants me to do with my life than I am interested in talking to her and spending time with her. Through our relationship I learn what her wishes are for me, but I’m not using her as some sort of impersonal life map. I think too many people aren’t seeking God but instead seeking a “perfect life” and using God as a cover in their demand for life & liberty and as  a justification for their pursuit of happiness (whether God is involved or not).

If you refuse to abandon the “Perfect Will of God” mentality then how about applying it to your life daily instead of only searching for it for your life overall? What is the will of God for your life today? It’s important to have a plan, but you can only live day to day anyway. And practicing the presence of God every moment every day will prevent you from waking up one day and realizing that the “perfect will of God” for your life that you’d been tirelessly searching for was exactly what you had been unwittingly living smack-dab in the middle of all along.



3 Comments on “Abandon the Search for the “Perfect Will of God”

  1. God told us to seek the counsel of the wiser, more mature Christians. God also gave us Earthly parents who we should honor. I think if we seek advice from mature Godly people, they will point out to us when we are being immobile or if we are not trusting God enough. It is sometimes really hard to know which way you are leaning towards. So God has put the right people in our lives to help us.


  2. I agree with what you say. I see and hear comments on TV all the time where celebrities, athletes, public figures will say after something bad or unexpected has happened to them. They say it must have been God’s plan. Maybe sometimes, but just maybe it was something they did. But by saying it’s God’s plan, it removes all personal responsibility


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