Wedding Stuff: Why Haven’t I Been Preparing??

I’ve always heard it said that every little girl dreams about the perfect wedding.

Maybe it’s because my dad didn’t let me play with Barbies, but I was practically a boy when I was a kid — dreaming of being the first girl in the NFL and going to basketball camp every summer.  I had babydolls and a pink room, but I wasnt sitting around dreaming about my wedding day at 8yrs old. Whenever we played marriage at recess, I was usually the Maid of Honor. The one time I remember being the bride, the bell rang signaling the end of recess before we tied the knot.

As I got older, I just wanted to find a guy to marry, but didn’t necessarily imagine what our wedding would look like. I wanted the love and the relationship and the actual marriage that comes after “The Wedding”. I knew I wanted to be a “wife”, but never really considered the “bride” thing.

So when Genuine proposed to me and everyone immediately started flooding me with questions “What colors do you want?” “What kind of dress do you want?” “Where do you want to get married?” “What’s the date?” “Are you hiring a planner?” “What kind of food are you going to serve at your reception?” “Where are you going on your honeymoon?” It all got really overwhelming like WHOA! It was as though I’d just been born and then people asking me where I was going to college…okay not that extreme but close!

I realized that I hadn’t even thought about my wedding. At all. I was just happy to have a guy who called me back and who I could count on for a Saturday afternoon trip to Walmart (it’s those non-dates that are the best dates!). I knew I wanted to marry him, but I hadn’t thought about the wedding even as our relationship got more serious.

The only thing I ever had thought about was getting married in the month of August because it is the perfect distance between my birthday and Christmas. But even that month was still about the anniversary (and not wanting one gift to double as two occasions)  and not about the wedding.

Racks, on racks, on jk

So the morning after my engagement, as I stood in Barnes & Noble  twisting my engagement ring around my finger, staring at hundreds of bridal magazines, I began to envy those girls who had this whole thing planned out already and only needed to insert a groom. Lucky duckies.

But now, I realize that I’m glad I don’t have it all planned out because that means it is literally ALL about me and him. I’m not just erasing “Groom” and writing in “Genuine”. We are, together, starting this thing from scratch and planning it together.

And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way….

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