New Direction! Blogging About My Wedding Planning on My Not a Wedding Planning Blog

A few people asked me if I was going to start blogging about my wedding planning. The short answer was “no”. But then I decided, why not?

I don’t update this blog nearly as much as I’d like to. I think I had this crazy idea that everything on my blog had to be some ground-breaking, long-winded, epic revelation of some sort but that’s not how this blog started nor the point of it. I save my best writing for anyway. This is just a random blog about my life and all the comedic and not-so-comedic things that happen to me. And honestly, getting engaged and planning a wedding is the biggest “this cannot be my life” event ever…in a good way of course. Therefore, I would be amiss not to write about it and at least give myself something to look back on.

So yeah, I want to start blogging more and blogging about my wedding planning seems appropo seeing as it’s the main thing I do outside of work and church. My plan is to write about the process: picking the date, the guest list, the dress shopping, the bridesmaids etc. I also will post some pictures and quotes that are wedding planning related. (Although I may save those for my Tumblr

 I’ll probably still throw some long-winded, epic revelations about something or other in during the next few months, but most of these posts will be about my wedding planning.

Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions!

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