Wedding Stuff: The DATE

A few weeks after getting engaged, Genuine and I sat down to discuss our wedding and we decided on the date almost immediately.

I wanted to get married in August because it is one of my favorite months. It’s warm and it’s the month that school starts (I’m a geek, duh!). PLUS, August is the perfect distance between my birthday and Christmas and therefore will never be subject to one present for two occasions (and I won’t be tempted to purchase one present for two occasions). August was only four months away from the day he proposed, but knowing little about wedding planning, I was convinced we could pull it off.

That is, until the War on Terror terrorized my plans.

Okay, that’s dramatic but the war did dash my hopes of an August wedding.

Genuine’s brother is in the military and he is in Afghanistan! There is no way we would do the wedding without him, so we’ll have to wait until he gets back to the states in the winter.

My mom asked if we could just wait until August 2013.


Neither of us want to wait until next summer to get married (no friggin way!). We can date forever, but the shorter the engagement the better even if that means getting married in the season I hate the most.

Of course a winter wedding carries a considerable risk of bad weather. We are aware, but this is Ohio. It rained every single day in May. The Blizzard of ’08 was in March. You can’t predict the weather in this town. You just pick your day and hope the weather cooperates. No way was I going to push my wedding back four months only for a Tsunami to hit Columbus that day. I figure if we get snowed out, it will suck but I’m still married! (I am going to look into wedding insurance though just in case.)

Once we got our season, we started looking at dates. I have this weird thing with dates. I dont like ugly ones. I can’t really explain and I dont want to offend anyone, so I’m going to leave it at that. We quickly found the perfect date. It isn’t ugly and it holds special significance to us…but it’s on a Sunday. We know that Sunday weddings are uncommon, but a wedding is one day and anniversaries are for life and I think my anniversary falling on a good date that is significant to us is more important than having a Saturday wedding.

Plus the more I think about it, the more I realize Sunday weddings are nice! If you go to church in the morning you’re already out and you’re already dressed for our wedding. Our wedding will start early enough for our reception not to go super late because we know people have to go to work the next day. We think it’s perfect! (Almost every Sunday after we picked our date, I randomly mention to Genuine “We’d be at our wedding right now. See? A Sunday wedding is perfect!”)

An added bonus that wasn’t even a factor in our decision-making process is that Sunday, winter weddings are often less expensive since it’s an off-day in an off-season.

It’s a win-win!

2 Comments on “Wedding Stuff: The DATE

  1. I like weddings on off days. The nicest, most beautiful wedding I ever went to was on a Thursday.


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