Better Off Wrecked: UHaul’s Grand Hu$tle Policies

[Author’s Note: One of my favorite bloggers AverageBro sometimes has posts about different company’s “grand hu$tles”. Today, I was a victim.]

Moving is hard work. It’s expensive, time-consuming and seemingly never ends. These negative consequences multiply if you use UHaul.

I’m moving into a new apartment this week, my last apartment before moving to my fiancee’s house after we get married. I was going to hire movers, but I decided not to because I didnt want them coming back and robbing me later (irrational yet legitimate fear!) and I didn’t want to spend all that money.

I decided to rent a UHaul truck.

When I signed up, they offered me full coverage insurance for an extra $14.99. Apparently, my multiple high-interest credit cards and expensive Geico insurance is not enough to keep me from having to sign my future earnings over to  UHaul if anything happened to their raggedy truck. I didn’t want to be the cheap moron who  knows thinks nothing will happen, thus forgos the insurance and then totals the UHaul before she gets out of the parking lot. So, they sold me (as I’m sure they do countless others) on their $15 insurance. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less peace of mind so whatever. That’s not the bad part.

My fiancee, some friends and I spent the better part of last night moving all of my stuff. By the time we finished, we were a few short hours from sunrise. The UHaul had to be back at the lot before they opened at 7am so they took the truck back. He stopped at the gas station, threw a few bucks in to cover the short distance we’d driven in the course of moving and dropped the car back off at the lot.

An hour after UHaul opened, they sent me a receipt slapping me with a $20 “gasoline” surcharge. WHAT?! Apparently, the gas wasn’t exactly where it was when we’d picked it up so they charged me 20 extra dollars!

Moral of the story? If you’re going to rent from UHaul, it will cost you less money to drive your truck off the nearest cliff than to dare leave the gas needle shy of where it started…which in essence is a guessing game anyway.

Go figure.

Would've been cheaper to give them the truck back like this!

4 thoughts on “Better Off Wrecked: UHaul’s Grand Hu$tle Policies

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  4. Your contract clearly states the fuel cost if not returned, you get mad at U-Haul cause they charged you as your contract states they will cause you didn’t replace the fuel to where it was when picked up. I believe its possible being as you stated you personally didn’t return the truck that the ones that did didn’t quit put enough fuel in.


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