August 1: New Month Resolutions!

Today is August 1st and it’s also Monday, so it seemed like as good a time as any to write a new blog.

I always start each month with new month resolutions (why wait till January?).

I normally go for the extreme: March Miser Month, Frugal February, No Clothes Shopping for a Year , etc. and then I end up failing miserably.

This month I decided to set two achievable, moderate goals:

This website changed my life.

1) Cut Back on Spending

This morning,  sat down and budgeted my money for the month correctly. Normally, my biggest budgeting fail is that I don’t allow for the things I know I will be paying for like rent and utilities. Instead, I only budget stuff like clothes and iTunes – which is fine to allow for frivolous spending but when those are the only things I budget for, I end up in the negative and wondering where my money went.

This month, I  budgeted for all of my expenses (rent, tithes, gas, credit card bills etc) and my wants (clothes, wedding magazines, restaurants etc). This gives me a good look at what I’m putting out and what I’m bringing in and I can adjust accordingly. The thought of not spending any money at all is pretty unrealistic and budgeting all of my money and not allowing for essentials is budget suicide.

So, using, wallet-awareness and self-control, I will spend less money this month!

2) Write something every day

I want to start writing more. I’ve been saying that since I graduated from college, but life tends to get in the way. I’m not a write-in-my-diary-every-night kind of girl like I used to be, but I think I can make time to write something about something every single day. Can’t promise it will be great writing, but if I can get back into the habit, I imagine I will improve. Plus, I tweet every day. How hard could it be for me to update my blog every day?

The only thing I have to decide now is if I want to update this blog or my Tumblr every day. Maybe I will do an every other day thing. One day on here, one day on there. Hmmm….

This is going to be a great month. I can already tell!!

What are your new month resolutions??

1 Comment on “August 1: New Month Resolutions!

  1. Hi Alissa! Cool blog. I found it because I was looking for some artwork to use on a catholic singles blog that I help with. I will use it and link it back to your great blog. The singles blog is at:

    I agree that any (and every) is a good month for resolutions. Also, I like that you also read, and love to write. You should consider submitting your writing on the hubpages online; mine is at: in case you or your readers might want to check it out. Finally, I thing offering the “mint” thing is awesome for people.
    Make it a great day! Ter Scott!


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