Ohio State Fair Engagement Photos or Something Like That…

Last year, Joe and I went to the Ohio State Fair together. That later became known as our first date. (I didn’t know it was a date at the time.)

This year, we decided to go back to the state fair and take pictures because we only have one picture from that important night. We had so much fun at the fair. It was a perfect day weather-wise, a little on the crowded side but we still got to ride the ferris wheel, play games, eat funnel cake and see the Butter Cow! The Ohio State Fair is definitely one of the highlights of my summer and the fact that it now holds special significance for me and Joe makes it ten times better!.

I’m not sure what classifies as “engagement photos”. Joe and I are engaged and these are photos so I guess these are it!

On the ferris wheel clowning: “OMG look at that ROCK!” Haha jk

He tried to coach me on this dart throwing game. I still missed all three!




Strawberry funnel cake. Nothing better.

Why am I on the Sky Ride when I’m afraid of heights?!?!

Looking for the butter cow! Lol

I normally shy away from putting actual photos of myself on here, but I had to share at least a few of our pictures. Hope you like! Special shoutout to the photographer Nigel Stratton. He. Rocks.

12 Comments on “Ohio State Fair Engagement Photos or Something Like That…

  1. Gorgeous! Do you notice that in the full length ones you two are in perfect stride? #Symbolism
    And the one laughing on the park bench and you kissing his cheek?! ❤ ❤
    The scary sky ride one is so awesome too. You both have gorgeous smiles *dreams of your babies*
    Thank you for sharing!


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