Wedding Decisions and My Wedding Vision Board!

For the past several weeks, I have been feeling all over the place in terms of wedding planning. There are just so many (TOO MANY) decisions to make even after we finally selected our ceremony/reception location. Unsure of what to focus on next, my mind constantly leaped around:

“What’s our theme?” “Should we do a theme?” “What are our colors?” “Are four colors too many?” “Should we serve dinner or just hors devours?” “Should we do hors devours or just desserts?” “Should we invite a lot of people?” “Where are we going to stay on our wedding night?” “Should we use a travel agent for our honeymoon or book it ourselves?” “Secrets or Sandals?” “What kind of centerpieces should I get?” “Is it tacky to email Save the Dates?” ” Should I allow any of my friends to bring plus-ones?” “Which photographer should I use?” “What song will play as I walk down the aisle?” “Should the song be live?” “Who is going to sing?” “What should the bridesmaid dresses look like? Long or short?” “It’s a winter wedding, should I wear a coat?” “Should I wear heels or flats?” “Should my hair be up or down?” “Which dress should I choose?”

Just so many questions!

On Friday, Genuine and I took a short roadtrip to his sister’s birthday party a few hours away. We used that rare opportunity to hash out our final guest list.  Then that Sunday, Genuine and I went to the bridal show. It was so much fun – and only slightly overwhelming – and we got a lot of good information from many different vendors. Since that productive weekend, I think my vision is starting to clear a little.

For one, nothing in this wedding is a life or death decision. For two, we only have a little more than five months. We need to start making decisions!

So after talking last night, we decided to forgo the cutesy theme idea. Themes are awesome, but they have to be done well and to be done well we would have to spend a lot of unnecessary money. I’ll save the theme idea for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Our wedding theme is “wedding” haha.

We decided on colors – somewhat. We know what general colors we are using but I’m going to go to a paint store or a fabric store to get swatches of exact colors.

We are still looking into honeymoon spots (and travel agents), now but we’ve at least narrowed down our choices. All we want is a nice resort, next to a gorgeous beach, with food included that doesn’t cost a fortune.

I am feeling a lot better, a lot more focused and a LOT more excited.

Last night, I even made a “wedding vision board”! I saw the inspiration boards you can create on different websites, but I wanted an actual board I could put up in my apartment – similar to the personal vision board I made in early 2010. So I grabbed a few bridal magazines, scissors, glue sticks, rubber cement, a tri-fold poster board and got to work. My friend even came over last night to help me!

Making this wedding vision board made me even more excited about our wedding!

We still have a lot of decisions to make, but we are definitely on the right path! We are moving out of the mulling-over-one-decision-for-months-mode and into the lets-just-make-a-decision-now mode.

172 days!!!!

9 Comments on “Wedding Decisions and My Wedding Vision Board!

  1. We planned our wedding in under 30 days and OMG the plethora of useless decisions brides are convinced we have to make!!! Godspeed! And I’m glad you’re excited! 🙂


  2. Yeah I’m convinced that the longer you have to plan, the harder it is (which is contrary to these bridal websites and magazines saying it takes 12-18 months to plan). 30 days is pretty quick tho!!


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