My Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Experience

The Bible says in Proverbs 10:22: “The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and he adds no sorrow to it.”

Clearly, my wedding is a blessing from God Himself! I am looooving being a bride-to-be. It definitely makes the waiting period much more bearable when I feel like a new surprise – that I can ONLY experience during this unique time in my life – is just around the corner.

This thing truly just keeps getting better and better and better. As though being loved by the love of my life is not enough, he proposed to me in thee most *fantastic* way, Coldstone Creamery sent us a gift card for sharing our proposal story with them, Columbus Bride featured our proposal story on their website, we found the perfect venue, O State Fair tweeted our engagement photos (thus putting my blog traffic through the ROOF – like the day Max linked to my proposal story in her blog and it was reposted on FXP)….and today I taped an episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta!!!

Waiting for taping to begin...

My Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta experience was SO MUCH FUN…if not slightly overwhelming!

The Bridals by Lori staff and all of the people who work for TLC are awesome! I feel like I was a celebrity for a day haha.

I don’t find out if my segment airs until December (the new season airs in January!).

In the meantime, did I say YES to the dress???

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

10 Comments on “My Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Experience

  1. O…M…G that’s amazing I love that show!I can’t wait to see you on it. I guess I’d better get cable.


  2. Im So happy for you. I cant wait to see the episode , you have to tell me when it the show airs.


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  6. Hi there! I just found your blog after searching for other women who have experienced SYTTD-Atlanta. I fly to Atlanta in two weeks to tape for the show. I was curious to find out if you were actually aired on the episode. If so can you tell me when because I’ll love to find it and watch. Thanks in advance!!


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