Happy Movember!

After a morning jog in early October

When I started the September shape-up plan, I committed to working out for 21 days. Well, it’s November 2nd, so I’m way past the 21-day mark and I’m still at it!


Working out over the past several weeks has been great. I’m noticing small changes in my body and big changes in my energy level and stamina! I can literally feel myself getting into shape.

I’ve always suspected this, but now I can confirm that the best time for me to work out is first thing in the morning. It’s a great feeling to know that no matter what I do or don’t accomplish in a day, at least I ran a mile (maybe two!) that morning. Plus, the day tends to get away from me, so I know if I plan to work out it in the morning, I will actually get it done.

I’ve been using fitness magazines, fitness blogs, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest for motivation. “Fitspo” always has a lot of motivational quotes and pictures of people who are in shape. I don’t have a particular fitspiration person (seriously, all of those women inspire me to get my butt out of the fridge and into the gym) maybe I can be my own “fitspiration”.

I could eat a Snickers Blizzard every single day.

One of the things that I am working on is my eating habits. I don’t eat nearly as well as I should. And though I know I probably won’t ever become a totally “clean eater”, I need to deny myself sweets a little more often than I do. I hate food drowned in gravy or sauces and I’ve been doing well avoiding fried foods and general junk, but put a plate of brownies, a piece of candy or a bowl of ice cream in front of me and I am defenseless. I’ve added more fruits and vegetables to my regular eating, but haven’t eliminated enough of the bad stuff. I swear sweets chase me down the street! Bread and salt are my other two food addictions. I love bread and I douse everything in salt. Both are terrible for my fitness goals.

I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight but I do want to be slim and toned and nice looking for my February wedding…and honeymoon…and every night with my husband after that. My goal is to stay active and to make this thing into a lifestyle. I’m not trying to hit a certain weight, but I do think it would be awesome to be able to say “I’ve been eating healthy & working out for five years.” or “I ran a half-marathon.” or “I had a baby and my body snapped back.” Those are the type of the fitness goals I have and I like that they’re not tied to a number on the scale cause that’s dangerous and not effective long term. Granted, I know how much I weigh and there is definitely a ceiling weight that I NEVER want to hit (outside of pregnancy).

This is extreme dedication...that I dont have yet.

I think I will be all set if I keep going with my current exercise habits. I’m nervous that I won’t want to stick to my workout plan when it is snowing outside, but I’m going to have to make myself do it. It’s starting to get cold now and I am still at it so that’s a good sign!

Sometimes, I wish I had workout buddy. When I was in college, my friend worked out all the time and I started hitting the gym with her. Last month, I had a friend who was going to morning spinning classes with me, but her work schedule changed so she can’t go anymore. I miss having someone who will make me get up in the mornings – if only because I don’t want to let her down. A workout buddy can be a blessing and a curse though. A blessing if we motivate each other to reach our goals. A curse if we end up sitting and talking the whole time with no actual work out taking place.

Knowing people will be working out in a group at a certain time is motivating too even if I don’t have a workout buddy. There is a national group called Black Girls Run and they have a chapter here in Columbus that meets every Saturday morning (rain or shine) to run. They also have groups that meet during the week. With or without a workout buddy, BGR and/or going to aerobic or spinning classes at the gym could help keep me consistent because then it’s just like another appointment to keep. I can put it right in my calendar. And, who knows, maybe I can meet a friend in a class or in a running group one day.

My favorite thing about exercise is definitely the clothes! I love cute workout clothes but I wish they weren’t so expensive. The pink shirt I’m wearing in the top photo is a Dri-fit Nike shirt I got from TJ Maxx. It is great for running outside in the cold. It even has thumb holes in it to keep the sleeves from riding up. My headband was $1 from Walmart. It keeps my ears warm and keeps my headphones in my ears. Double win!  The pants are yoga pants from Old Navy.

I love these sweats, but they're definitely not appropriate indoor running attire...unless you want to drown in sweat.

Stretchy yoga pants are the best because they doesn’t make me sweaty the way cotton pants do. When I see people working out in cotton pants, I cringe thinking “she has got to be crazy hot in those!” Cotton sweats are for sleeping not exercising.

I plan to invest in some new running shoes soon. The ones I have are NOT pictured haha. I’ve had them forever and they are at a point way past raggedy. I did some preliminary running shoe shopping and found that JCPenney has good ones for a good price. Also, I recently discovered Dick’s Sporting Goods and while their clothes are WAY out of my price range, their shoes seem pretty reasonably priced…even better than DSW. So, I will be getting some (cute) running shoes soon.

With all of that said, I am re-adjusting my goal from a 21-day plan to a 4 month plan. By the time January 4th comes around, I want to have kept this up since September 4th and I want to be able to jog 4 miles without stopping. My personal best now is 2.5 miles and I have two months down, two months to go.

Wish me luck!!!

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