100 Days until the BIG Day!

Wedding Countdown!!!!

I love theKnot.com – mainly because it keeps track of how many days I have left until the wedding day. I also look at the little sidebar on this blog where I keep track of the days, weeks and months.

Today is a big milestone day: 100!!!!

It still feels like forever away, but I know it’s not, plus me and my fiance still have SO much to do. While making endless to-do lists, I also am making an already-done list. I do that when I feel overwhelmed in my day-to-day life and I think it’s a good idea for wedding planning too. So, today – with 100 days remaining – we have already:

1) Got engaged – DUH! But some people pick their date before actually getting engaged so…this counts!

2) Decided against the Engagement Party – Of course, we never actually decided against it, we just never got around to actually doing it – which sucks cause I really wanted one. Oh well.

3) Picked our ceremony and reception venue – Having a Sunday, winter wedding turned out to be a great choice for price…but not for venues. For one, having an outdoor wedding was out of the question and many places that are great for receptions only offer an outdoor ceremony spot (because Ohio weather is unpredictable, we wanted to have our wedding and reception in a spot that was either really close-by or in the same place.) The place I really wanted to have my wedding ceremony (Olde Gahanna Sanctuary) was out because they have church there on Sunday afternoons. The place I really wanted to have my reception (New Albany Country Club) was out because they can’t accommodate a ceremony and reception inside – because of space, one or the other has to be outside. But we found a great place that I love for an incredible price, so I’m happy!

4) Picked our DJ – I don’t really like friendors, but it’s nice if a great vendor just happens to be a friend. Going to a big church helps a lot!

Some weddings have to be in the issue, it may as well be ours!!

5) Picked our photographer – We were going to go with one photographer who did our friend’s wedding, but he was out of our price range. So we found a comparable photographer who will do a magnificent job at a more reasonable price. Aaaaannnndddd he advertises in Columbus Bride so I’ve already asked him to submit our wedding pictures to the magazine haha.

6) Solidified our guest list – This was an entire project, but I think we finally got it down.

7) Confirmed our Bridal Party – This was really tough…mainly because I could have easily justified about 15 bridesmaids. I’ve become close with a lot of people over the years (none really taking precedence over anyone else), so having to narrow it down to a number my fiancé could agree with was extremely difficult. I just hope I haven’t lost any friends in the elimination process. I doubt it though. All my girls are awesome!

8 ) Picked the honeymoon spot – Put down our deposit, and got our hotel and flights booked! This honeymoon is *definitely* the thing I’m looking forward to the most.

9) THE DRESS – I’m waiting to hear back from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. I am crossing my fingers for the best news ever 🙂 . I also got my shoes. They are beautiful!!!

10) His tux: Perusing a department store on a Saturday afternoon does a wedding GOOD. Bought a tux that will look amazing on him (after alterations) for less than the cost to rent it. Win, win!

I’m sure there are more things we’ve done and some things are in their final stages, but those are the major things we can check off of our list.  We still have some pretty big ones to figure out: Our cake, flowers (if any), wedding night hotel, passport, marriage license, rehearsal dinner spot, after-wedding party dinner spot,  reception music, rings, and more!

Bendora's Wedding Gallery ensures this will never be me

I feel like there are a million things to do still – despite the fact that I wanted to keep this wedding simple. Luckily, I have help! Bendora’s Wedding Gallery is helping me with the vendors and my mom’s friend is helping me plan. I also have a great Maid of Honor who is helping me with stuff and other friends who have offered to help! One friend is even addressing Save the Dates and sending them out for me!!! That is a huge help! Working 40-60 hours a week means I could not do this wedding planning stuff without help.

The thing that makes me the most happy is that my fiance is just as excited as I am about our wedding. I see brides yapping about how this is THEIR day. I’ve never had that mindset. It will be OUR day and we are together planning this every step of the way (which is why my wedding is not pink & green). The wedding day is just as big a day for him as it is for me. I feel bad for girls who exclude their fiance and worse for those whose fiance is uninterested. Of course, I don’t expect major input from my fiance about minor details that I know he doesn’t care about – like he didn’t go pick out bridesmaids dresses with me and he won’t come to the florist appointment with me but he is definitely in this and I appreciate that. If you watched Kim Kardashian’s “wedding”, then know my wedding planning experience with my fiance is the complete opposite. I was horrified watching them interact (now that I know it was all a sham, it makes sense).

We have 100 days left and it’s only getting busier and more expensive by the day, but I’m excited because no matter what happens – in snow or in sunshine, with 200 guests or two, 15 bridesmaids or seven, flowers or no flowers, 10 thousand dollars or 10 dollars, after-wedding dinner party at McDonalds or Mezzo’s, wedding hotel near the airport or downtown – at the end of that Sunday we will be married. What a great way to start a week!

I cannot wait.

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