Kroger’s Awesome Almond Milk Sale!!!

If you’re looking for a great deal this week, you drink Almond Milk and shop at Kroger then you’re in luck! Kroger is having a Blue Diamond Almond Breeze mega-sale!

I’ve been buying Almond Milk consistently for about six months. I don’t drink milk straight, but I do eat cereal nearly every morning and this has been a great, healthy substitute. It is higher in calcium than regular milk and has less fat & calories (DOUBLE WIN!!).

There are all different types of Almond Milk (Silk being the other super-popular one), but I exclusively buy Blue Diamond Original UNSWEETENED Almond Breeze. The Vanilla flavor tastes like ice cream. I guess that’s cool if you’re drinking a straight glass, but cereal mixed with ice cream tasting milk is gross. Silk, the other popular brand doesn’t taste as good as Blue Diamond. Their “Original Unsweetened” tastes like milky water. The Silk “Unsweetened Vanilla” kind is okay, I guess.

I’m a Blue Diamond girl…but I am also a penny-pincher and Almond Milk (what ever brand you buy) is expensive. So imagine my joy when I saw them on a mega sale at Krogers.

The milk is originally $3.69 and is on sale for $2.79 with a Kroger Plus Card. PLUS, they have a machine right above the milk that is giving out coupons for 55 cents off. PLUS Krogers is doubling coupons. So after all discounts were applied, I got a carton of Almond Milk that was originally $3.69 for only $1.69!

I’m not an extreme couponer by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing I have learned from those psychos is that when you see a good deal on something you consume regularly, buy more than one. So, I bought four cartons of Almond Milk. Unopened, they don’t expire until February and I go through about a carton a week so I’m all set for January!

Merry Christmas to me!!!

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  1. With so many more people developing allergies and sensitivities to dairy products, finding tasty and cheap alternatives to milk can be a challenge. One tasty alternative that can be used in cooking and everyday use is almond milk. But honestly, almond milk can get pricey. Instead try making your own almond milk for a quick and easy project that is fun to do with the kids..

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  2. Almond milk is easy and fun to make and doesn’t require housing a cow. Almond milk doesn’t promote mucus, digestive issues or disrupt your endocrine system like milk can do. Almond milk is perfect for those who can’t digest the casein protein or break down the sugar in milk, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream and all dairy products. Almond milk is a great dairy alternative for those with autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Almond milk is high in protein, low in fat and perfect for those with diabetes.^

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