100 mile run This morning, I decided I want to run 100 miles this month.

It’s June 1st and I love making new month resolutions, so it’s the perfect day to make this decision.

Why 100 miles? Because it seems like a huge number, but when I break it down, it’s really doable!

I figure there are four weeks in June, so if I run 25 miles per week then I will easily hit my goal. Well, not easily, because running is not easy but I will definitely make it to 100.

Just this week, I got lost while running a new trail and ended up running eight miles (personal record). The next day, I ran five miles with a running group and two days later I pushed myself to run ten whole miles (new personal record). I ran one mile today, but I plan to run six miles tomorrow, so that will put me at 30 for the week.

25 miles a week is 5 miles for 5 days; or 8 miles on 3 days and one mile on one day; or 10 miles on two days and five miles on one day;  or 4 miles on 5 days and five miles on one day; or about 3.3 miles every single day; or a million other combos. I’m going to try to do 5 miles, 5 days per week, every week for the whole month.

I don’t have a goal of a certain time, just the amount of miles. I’d like to be able to run ten miles without stopping, but other runners have told me that if I have to stop to catch my breath, that’s okay. The miles still count! Phew! Granted, I have to actually stop. I can’t run a mile, walk a mile, run a mile then say I ran three miles. No, that’s only two. So, my goal is to actually RUN 100 miles this month.

Of course this goal has other goals inside of it. For one, if I’m going to be running like this then I need to eat healthier than I do. Thankfully, exercising seems to help me with eating healthy. This also means I’m going to have to wake up earlier. I like to run in the morning before I eat breakfast or do anything else (except I have to brush my teeth so I’m not blowing stinky breath into my own face haha).  Each miles takes me about nine minutes to run, so I have to give myself about an hour. I like waking up early though cause it helps me get my day going.  Plus the earlier it is, the cooler it is outside.

I thought the 100 miles a month thing was genius until I Google’d it and realized that it’s a pretty common goal. Some people even run fifty miles per WEEK. That sounds crazy…probably as crazy as running 100 miles a month sounds to some people haha.

I’m really excited though. If I can keep this up then maybe I can do it again in July and August and end up running 300 miles this summer. Or 500! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

Wish me luck!

4 Comments on “Goal: Run 100 Miles this Month

  1. Hit me up to meet at blacklick. I don’t run 9 minute miles, but I LOVE your goal. I just set a goal for myself this week to run 15-20 miles. I got out and ran 3 even though I TOTALLY didn’t feel like it.


  2. Just found your blog. Crazy goal! I’ll follow along.


  3. This is a very good goal. I started July though. I’m at 169 miles and I’ll be at 230 miles by August 30th. When I first started I ran about 20 mpw. Too lazy to check my run log but I’ve pushed my self since August 1st, now I’ve been running 20-35 mpw! So by september, I’ll have a headstart at around 30 miles. That’ll give me 70 more to do during school starts again. Keep it up:)!


  4. Help! I’ve been TRYING to run every other day – but I don’t get that far – yet I observe others (even a few neighborhood fatties) lumbering along, running for blocks without stopping! What can I do to build up stamina or distance?


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