"Alissa Henry"

I haven’t written anything on this blog in more than a month, but I don’t feel as bad as I should because I HAVE been writing! Every day as a matter of fact. (Check me out on MadameNoire.com!)

I’ve been writing for other publications too and I’m planning to write for many more. I’m still pursuing a job in broadcast journalism but writing is my other love and I feel so blessed to write for a living. Of course, I’ll be even more blessed when it’s a lucrative living!

The reason I’m back to this blog is that Aliya S King inspired me to do a challenge called #30in30 or #WriteLikeCrazy and basically that means I’m supposed to update my blog every single day for the whole month of August. I realize this is August 3rd so really this is my #28in28, but hey it’s better than 0 in 30! I may write two extra to make up for the past two days.

I want to improve as a writer and the way to do that is to a) read ridiculously good writing on a regular basis and b) to write often.

So this is the first of many blogs I will write this month. I won’t write them all here because some blogs won’t fit the theme of this space. My Tumblr page is severely neglected so I may show some love over there by writing some celebrity posts or other random things. Doesn’t matter as long as I write every day!!

Wish me luck! And come back tomorrow 🙂

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