One of the fun parts of being married? Taking sporadic trips with my love.

Me and the hubby randomly decided to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I’d never heard of it, but now that I’m here I’m thinking, WOW this place is awesome! Dollywood is here too (yes, named after Dolly Parton!).

My husband is likes to shoot video and I like to be in videos, so we’re a perfect pair haha. This video was shot outside of the Candy Kitchen in Old Mill. I didn’t know he was videotaping at first because I went in to get some fudge. I ended up not getting any fudge though because it was 12 or 14 dollars per pound! No way! I wanted to buy at least one thing though so I picked a white chocolate carmel truffle for 65 cents.

The people in the South are so nice with their cool accents. In this video, you can hear a lady say “I like your blouse”. I almost didn’t catch it because who compliments strangers in the street? Well…I do, but no one ever really does that to me!

I love this little town. It’s amazing. There are so many things to do here, who knew? I’ll be posting more videos later, but here’s a quick one I wanted to post now. Super random, but this is me 🙂

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