"CW Star Contest"

Because I’ve been blessed by other writing opportunities, I haven’t been updating this blog much.

However, there is something pretty cool coming up that I definitely want to talk about: The CW Star Audition.

For those of you who know me personally, or at least follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been tirelessly pursuing a career in television since graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in broadcast journalism. Starting this career has been an uphill battle, but it’s not impossible and I refuse to be discouraged. I consistently remind myself that today is not forever and I never know what a day may bring. I just continue to apply to open positions, pray about it, hold on to hope and know that something will come up eventually!

This Sunday, that “something” is the CW Star auditions and I cannot wait to try out!

Of course you know the CW network is the home of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, America’s Next Top Model and tons of other popular shows (plus the upcoming Carrie Diaries!).

You also may know that the CW Star is the local face of the network. Each year the search is on for a new face! According to the website:

As the CW Star, you are the link between our television station and the Columbus community. You will embody the CW network’s hip, fresh appeal locally. From public service campaigns and sideline sports reporting, to backstage interviews with top music acts and rubbing shoulders with the Columbus Crew, The Star utilizes his/her position to promote network shows, produce exclusive on-air and web-based content and keep the pulse of who, what and where is hot in the city. The CW Star also works directly with our clients as a brand ambassador/spokesperson, increasing public awareness for our clients’ products, events and services.

In short, it’s the best job ever, I’m definitely qualified, and I would give my left shoulder to do it!…Granted, they probably would want me to have both of my shoulders if I’m going to be rubbing them with the Columbus Crew, so never mind.

Seriously, I am so excited and so nervous at the same time! My college friend, Annie, was the CW Star in 2010.  She was amazing and she inspired me to audition this time around.

The tryout is this Sunday and it’s a competition! I have to answer a few questions then record a 60-second video asking the viewers to vote for me.

In the past, they’ve picked one winner, but this year, they’re picking two winners! That definitely increases my chances, right?

I considered not writing about this until after the audition (or not at all if I don’t win), but that’s no fun. As a writer, I put myself “out there” for a living so why should I treat this any differently? Sure there is the chance that I won’t win or even make the top ten, but there’s also the chance that I will and I’m choosing to focus on wonderful possibilities! This would be a dream come true for me and I can’t help but to talk about it. Plus I need your help!

I have so many questions between now and Sunday: What should I say in my video? What should I wear? How early should I get there? How do I calm my nerves?

I’m not a huge fan of elimination contests because the chances of losing are so high, but it’s true what they say: you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take! I’m taking this shot…let’s hope I make it :-).

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