CW Star Auditions Are Tomorrow What Should I Wear? [Video]

"Black woman praying"

Have you ever prayed for something saying: “God, if you give me this one thing I will never ask you for anything else”? That’s how I feel about these CW Star auditions tomorrow. [Sidenote: After I wrote my last blog, I learned that a friend of mine is also auditioning. There are two spots, how awesome would it be if we *both* got it?] 

They held one audition at Ohio State University a few weeks ago and of course tomorrow’s audition is at Polaris Mall. According to the rules — that I read word for word — they will pick the top nine from the two auditions (so, nine people total) and then there will be 25 others who will compete for the 10th spot. Once they have the top ten, the auditions will continue from there. Of course, I want to win the whole thing, but for now I’m just asking God to puh-leeeeze let me get in the top nine!

I’ve been working on  my 60-second plea for votes and I am also trying to figure out what to wear.

My husband is a very good sport and super supportive so he agreed to videotape my “what should I wear” video below. This doubles as a look into the dressing room I blogged about a few weeks ago. The fact that I married an (awesome) cameraman is just evidence that I need to be on-air. We fit together like peanut butter and jelly 🙂

I’m not sold on what to wear yet or what to do with my hair. This could be my big break and I need to look great for it!

Comment here or tweet me @AlissaHenryTV :)

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