"Alissa CW Star auditions"

So, the first (and I hope not the LAST) CW Star auditions are over.

I woke up this morning at 6:30am with an army of butterflies in my stomach. I raced around the house getting ready, checking and double checking to make sure I had all of the paperwork I needed. After getting ready, I packed an emergency bag with an extra shirt, curling iron, makeup, and  hair brush — I didn’t end up needing any of those things, but I wasn’t going to be caught unprepared on such an important day for me. 

As you can see from my photo, this outfit is different than the ones I talked about yesterday. I sent a few friends a picture message to ask for their advice on my look and one friend suggested I nix the pink and go for a Fall look. Coincidentally, I just bought these awesome orange shoes and they went perfectly with a Fall-type outfit.

"Orange shoes"

If I win this competition these will forever be known as my “lucky shoes” 🙂

After leaving the house, I went to CVS to print out my pictures and pick up a “Monster” energy drink. I can’t drink caffeine without eating or I’ll be shaky, so, though I was way too nervous to even think about food, I ate oatmeal from Starbucks before heading over to Polaris mall.

The mall doesn’t open until noon, but after driving around for about thirty minutes, I was able to get into the mall doors at 10am. The mall opens early for mall walkers (and for people to let their kids play in the play area apparently). I got there as the CW Columbus crew was setting up.

My husband was with me and we sat on some couches nearby — close enough for me to look over every five minutes to see if the auditions were starting, but far enough away to not be breathing down their necks. I filled out my paperwork and rehearsed my 60 second promo to myself. I said a silent prayer to calm my nerves then went to the bathroom to check my makeup and rehearse in front of the mirror one more time. Finally, the auditions started! I was hoping that everyone but me forgot about the auditions, but had no such luck. There were plenty of other people there wanting to be the CW Star as well.

I met the current CW star, Kaitlin, and she is just as nice and pretty as she looks on TV. She actually looks like One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush. (I’m sure she gets that a lot!) J. Bentley Studio & Salon did a fantastic job on her hair. Kaitlin did different promos right there in the mall next to the auditions and I thought that was cool! OXYwater was there also and the representatives were very nice and their water tastes great!

I stood in line with a few girls and we chatted about the auditions and agreed we were all excited and nervous at the same time. Columbus is such a great place and there are many talented people here. I met just a few today before it was my turn to audition.

At home last night, I was up well past midnight rehearsing my lines and that practice definitely helped me today. The judges were laid back and seemed to like me (but who can tell at things like this, right?). My heart was beating outside of my chest at the beginning, but I calmed down and began to feel confident. I believe that my personality shined through and I answered the questions well. Of course as soon as I was finished, I thought of all of the things I should have said or shouldn’t have said. Overall though, I’m pleased with my audition.

"Alissa at CW Star Auditions"

So what’s next? I find out Tuesday if I made it in the Top 9 and, if so, be prepared for tweets IN ALL CAPS and I may even be spotted doing backflips up and down the streets of Pickerington. (I’m saving the backflips all over Columbus for if I win the whole thing haha).

Today’s experience was absolutely exhilarating and I am so excited to see if the judges liked my audition enough to put me in the Top 9. They have a lot of people to choose from, but I hope I made the decision to pick me easy for them!

My friend Cameron Fontana also auditioned today. He got there after I did so I stuck around to watch him and he was fantastic. They’re picking two CW stars this year, so we’re hoping that both of us are picked. Cameron has a lot of experience emceeing, hosting events and creating announcement videos. He has great camera presence and comes across in person the exact same way he does on TV. Very genuine. Like me, he’d be a great choice for the CW!

My hubby videotaped the first part of my audition and my sixty second promo. He also took some pictures. He’s super supportive and I can’t thank him enough for listening to me go on and on and on some more about how much I want to be the CW Star. I’m sure he has my 60-second promo memorized at this point. He says I did a great job and he believes I’ll make it to the next step (and he promised he wasn’t just saying that because he loves me!).

I’ll let you know what happens, but I have a great feeling about this! I probably won’t be able to sleep until after I get that phone call on Tuesday. I’ll be answering every single phone call that day, so any pesky telemarketers or election poll people better catch me then.

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