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Taking My Husband’s Last Name: My Huffington Post Live Experience

"Alissa Henry on The Huffington Post Live"
The video is on delay, so if you look on the screen in the screen, you can see I’m talking.

A few weeks ago, the Huffington Post contacted me and asked if I could participate in a panel about women taking their husband’s last name after marriage. (Ummmm heck yes!)

Apparently, they read a piece I’d written about Tameka Raymond keeping Usher’s last name after marriage and checked out my blog. I have a post here about getting married recently and taking my husband’s last name, so they contacted me about joining the webcast.

My dream in life is to be a broadcast journalist, host, or on-air news analyst who talks about pieces I’ve written for national publications, so being asked to appear on HuffPost Live definitely made my day. The hubs and I were out of town, but our hotel was nice and came with free wi-fi so I was able to shoot the video from there. He set up the lighting and everything and even took a few pictures of me.

It was a pretty cool experience. I felt overdressed, talkative and really smiley, but I was excited, so oh well haha. The producer told me to jump in whenever and talk as much as I want and, well, he didn’t have to tell me twice! The video won’t embed (grrrr!) but here is the link and I hope this is the first of many experiences like this.

"Alissa Henry on The Huffington Post Live"


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