[Vote for me to be the next CW Star by watching my short video. One view=one vote! Voting ends 11/6!] 


I was in a meeting when the CW network announced the top nine contestants for the CW Star.

As I blogged about before, I auditioned for the CW Star Contest two weeks ago. I thought the Top 9 weren’t going to be revealed until this past Thursday evening during “Thursday Night Lights”, so I planned a full day of activity in an attempt to make the day go by faster.

To my delight, the results were posted online that morning! My friend Cameron, who also tried out and is also in the Top 9, texted me to tell me we made it. I quickly checked the website and didn’t see anything. I was so excited but also confused. Certainly Cameron wasn’t seeing things!


I’m in blue and Cameron is in grey

Eventually, I figured out that I was looking in the wrong spot, so I went to the right place and saw it!!!

It was all I could do not to leap from my seat in joy. Out of respect for my meeting, I remained seated — with a silly grin on my face.

That night, the commercial aired during Thursday Night Lights. I’m such a weirdo, I rewound it like four times (okay six) screaming every time they showed my friend Cameron and then me haha.

I am so, so very excited! Of course being in the top 9 isn’t winning but it’s not losing either and it means I’m even closer to realizing my dream! I’ve been trying to manage expectations but it’s so hard when I’m this happy.

This contest is far from over though, so what’s next?

Right now, there are 25 semi-finalists duking it out online for the 10th spot. The person with the most votes (video views) gets it. Once that person is selected, we have some challenges, a makeover and another interview. During that time, our video plea for votes will be posted online for viewers to vote for their favorite. The judges will take everything into account and, in a few weeks, they will announce the winners!

The challenges part is really cool because it makes me feel like a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Of course it’s not quite like that but that’s the only thing I can compare it to!

The CW Stars have to do event marketing, social media marketing, commercials, conduct interviews and generally be the faces for the network, so of course, they want to make sure the candidates can do that before they hire them. Job interviews are tough because the recruiter only gets a few minutes to make such a big decision, but the challenges give them a better idea of the candidates’ capabilities. Personally, I’m excited about the challenges because it gives me the opportunity to prove I can do the job (and do it well!). The challenges are nerve-wracking too though because there is so much pressure. This is my opportunity  and I cannot — WILL NOT — blow it.

So yeah that’s the latest update!

Oh and I recorded the commercial announcing the Top 9, and sent it to my mom. For those of you not privileged to live in the great city of Columbus, the commercial is below! (I’m the 7th one)

I’ll keep you posted on what’s next!

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