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"CW Star Columbus auditions"

So, I survived the celebrity judges panel for the CW Star auditions and OMG I was sooo nervous!

The day before, I had my customary “what should I wear?” freakout, but it turned out great. I wore this blue shirt I love (that I found for 10 bucks!) and skinny black jeans. I was going to wear some royal blue shoes, but didn’t want to look like a Smurf, so I used the interview as an excuse to buy these awesome Steve Madden “Bliss” shoes I’ve been admiring. 

My interview was at 2:45, but they wanted us there thirty minutes early so I got there around 2:10. The CW office is sooo cool! Everything is brown and green and there are pictures of some of the network’s popular characters on the walls. Seeing Blair, Serena and Chuck on the wall almost made me misty-eyed. I’m going to miss my Upper East Siders. I just hope the writers give the characters a great ending (I’m rooting for a Nate and Serena reunion!).

While waiting in the CW office, I also saw the pictures of all of the past CW stars — including my friend Annie Porembski who was the 2010 star —  on the walls. I was thinking “wow that could be me up there!”

Some of the other contestants were in the waiting room with me along with Gary (one of CW’s sales execs) and Kaitlin, the current CW Star. We watched some Wendy Williams and chatted then it was my turn to be interviewed.

I walked into the studio where the interviews were held and it was LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION! bright in there. The judges were John Paton – the owner of J. Bentley Studio & Spa; Char Maldonado – owner of OxyWater; Tom McClure -President of CMH Fashion Week and Executive Director at Greater Columbus Film Commission; and Ellen Daly – Station Vice President/General Manager.

"CW Star Judges"

I’d met Ms. Daly and Mr. Paton on makeover day and I’d met Char at the initial CW Star auditions at Polaris Mall, so I was glad to see familiar faces. Plus, I recognized all of the CW guys: Rob, Darren, Greg, and Doug. Taira from J. Bentley was there as well. [She gave me pictures from the JBentley Makeover Day and WOW they are awesome. I updated my social media networks with my new profile pics immediately haha.]

Rob briefed me on what to do for the interview and I just kept nodding like a Bobblehead. For the interview, I stood off to the side of the judges table and when they would ask me a question, I would have to answer it looking at the camera. I like to look at people when I’m talking to them (to read their facial expressions/body language) and I couldn’t do that so that definitely added difficulty to the interview. I’m sure I talked a lot (and fast!), but I have tons to say and besides, like Oscar Wilde said, “nothing succeeds like excess”. After watching all of these presidential debates, I worry that I’m not answering the question so I would ask “did I answer your question?” after every answer. The judges were really nice and they seemed to like me. I’m sure they liked everyone, but I hope they liked me best.

After answering all of the questions, I had to shoot a memorized (and practiced like crazy) promo and a serious spot (which I’m sure I smiled through) and then I taped my 60-second video plea asking for votes. That video will be posted on the website and I will be badgering everyone I know to vote, vote, vote for me! People will probably have to watch my video three times just to decipher what I said haha.

"CW Star Auditions"

Say cheese 🙂

Overall, I think the interview went well. Not perfect though. I stumbled over a question and forgot one of the ideas I’d implement. As soon as I left I started freaking out thinking, “OMG I should have said this, this, this, this, and this! Darn it!” I hope I came off confident and prepared — despite talking a LOT and FAST.

The interview was exhilarating because I feel like I’m finally getting my shot at my dream career. I’ve been wanting an interview with someone who can hire me in my desired field and there was no way I was going to blow this interview. People  say you can’t start a television career in Columbus and I don’t believe that. The CW Star is my dream! It’s an opportunity to do what I love, use my expertise, and learn new things right here in my hometown. I’m putting everything I have into this process and hoping and praying (begging God!) for the best.

So what’s next?

Friday is going to be awesome! It’s Fashion Week in Columbus and the CW Star contestants are interviewing guests, models, and designers at the Finale Runway Show. Columbus is 3rd in the country for fashion. Yep! Right behind NYC and LA is Columbus, OH!  The people who compiled the list say Columbus’s high ranking likely reflects its position as the headquarters of Limited Brands, the parent company of Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Henri Bendel.  We ranked third in terms of fashion designers, location quotient, and median earnings for fashion designers. So awesome right?! So this Friday, we’ll be at the runway show and I am so excited. Looking forward to writing an epic blog post about that. Stay tuned!

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