Columbus is Fashion!: My CMH Fashion Week Runway Show Recap


Me with some of the CW Star contestants being Charlie’s Angels haha. So random!

What can I say about the CMH Fashion Week Finale Runway Show except if you missed it then you missed it!!!

The CW Star competition continues and our next step after tryouts, makeover day, and interview with the judges panel was to attend the fashion show. (Sidenote: If I win this contest, then next year, I’ll definitely do a video blog about what to wear to a fashion show for people like me who weren’t sure what to wear.)

The show was held at the brand-new Hilton hotel Downtown Columbus. And by “brand-new” I mean, the fashion show was held the night the hotel opened. I don’t know if that was planned that way or just impeccable timing but, either way, it was very cool.

The CW Star Contest Portion

Darren and Greg, two CW producers, explaining what we’re going to be doing.

When we got there, we were broken up into two groups of five. One group filmed spots and the other mingled with the crowd and interviewed the guests, then the groups switched.

We filmed the spots with partners and that was cool because they’re picking two CW Stars this year, so this was our first chance to interact with each other on-camera. I was paired with Josh Rider and then with James Taylor. (My first run through was hilarious because I thought you could just say whatever you wanted about fashion week and the fashion show as opposed to saying what was on the paper. After I realized what was going on, the promos went well.)

After shooting our spots, we paired up again to record an interview.

Two of the contestants filming an interview with CMH Fashion Week Board Member Katrina Fontenot

Because I feel that you can never be over-prepared  I researched all of the designers and created cards with their pictures as well as the questions I wanted to ask them.

There were ten designers featured at the show: Gary Jones of Jones Select; Genoveva Christoff of Genoveva Designs; Shirley Weng; Ryan RichmondQuintessa EzellErica Dawn WoodmoreJosie Wills; Shann Cortes; Makayla Cook/ Olivia VanScoyoc of Dirty Laser; and Eugene Frimpong of St. Frimpong

"Fashion Week Cards"

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to interview any of the designers though because they were all backstage getting ready. Darn.

I did get to interview Khola Waddy-Jones! She’s the secretary and social media manager on the CMH Fashion Week Board of Directors. She was so nice and looked fabulous! Khola runs a blog called Khola’s Kloset and she recently started   “24Seven Couture” an online luxury consignment boutique. The battery died on the camera they gave me during my first interview, so we switched cameras then we did another interview for good measure. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her, but kept it to just a few because I’d spent so much of her time already with all of the camera changing. She seems like a great person to know and I hope to interact with her more in the future.

After filming the spots and interviewing Khola, we were done for the evening but allowed to stay if he wanted. (Ummmm heck yes!) I went to the VIP room to mingle some more and eat some refreshments before the fashion show began.

In the VIP room there were live mannequins. I was amazed at how this woman was able to stand there expressionless for so long! Everyone was talking and moving around her but she didn’t move at all. (She blinked, so I know she was alive.) I wish I would have taken a picture of her. She was fantastic.

Then the fashion show began!

I’ve never been to a fashion show, but I’ve seen them on TV and on Sex and the City the movie. Television doesn’t do it justice though. Actually being there was awesome!

I didn’t really have a favorite designer (although I’m partial to Gary Jones of Jones Select because I met him last summer). I think every designer had great looks and each had something I’d definitely wear. It is so amazing to me that all of these people can make their own clothes!  I can’t even sew on a button and these designers are making suits and wedding dresses. They’re all so talented!

To borrow an adjective from my favorite reality show competition, the models were “fierce”. I felt like I was watching an America’s Next Top Model challenge on TV. Tyra Banks should have been there to see how good these models are. I went home that night and practiced my walk/serious face in front of the mirror. I need a lot more practice.

At the show, I took some (terrible) pictures, so the photos below are from the CMH Fashion Week Facebook page and the website.

Dancers! (Source: Cunningham Charlowe Photography)
Wedding dresses! (Source: Cunningham Charlowe Photography)
Source: WebTV Columbus

There were even a few celebrities in the audience like ANTM’s Dominique Reighard.

It was definitely a night well spent. The entire event seemed to go off without a hitch. Thomas McClure, who I met on interview day, and his entire team put together a phenomenal show filled with extraordinary talent at the perfect venue. Looking ahead to 2013, be sure to put CMH Fashion Week on your calendar!…especially the finale runway show. It’s the premiere fashion event in the Midwest. Columbus IS fashion!

What’s Next for the CW Star Competition

The audition process for the next CW Star is coming to a close which means I’m getting more and more nervous by the day. Next, we have to turn in a short video blog on a topic of our choice. This will give them an opportunity to judge us on our ability to create compelling video blogs (considering that’s a major aspect of the job). I’m excited about this portion because I love to make videos!! Our video blog is due this Friday and they will be posting them on the website next week, I think.

Also, I NEED YOUR VOTES!!! Each CW Star recorded a less-than 60 second video plea for votes and, though it’s not the deciding factor, the ability (or inability) to garner votes is part of overall scoring. Each time the video is viewed in its entirety, it counts as one vote. You can watch as often as you want! Watch it over and over again and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going up for me! I’m so close!!!!

Comment here or tweet me @AlissaHenryTV :)

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