“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

"Vote for Alissa Henry!"

Vote for me!!

Right now we’re in the middle of a grueling election season. There’s commercials, tweets, Facebook statuses, emails, phone calls, text messages and good ol’ fashioned door-to-door begging. No, I’m not talking about the presidential election, I’m talking about THE CW STAR CONTEST!!!!

The final step in the contest is the voting process and this is where fans of the CW can pick their favorite contestants (me! me! me!).

"CW Star Columbus Contest"

They’re picking two out of ten & I’m rooting for the chick circled in pink haha!

So, if we’re Facebook friends, you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or are in my list of email contacts then you’ve undoubtedly been bombarded with a plea to vote for me (and I hope you voted for me!). One view in its entirety equals a vote, so please consider watching the video more than once. In fact, 25 times, per day from now until voting ends on November 6th would be GREAT!!

So, is it winner-take-all? Not necessarily. The contest rules say: Each of the ten finalists will be judged according to the judging panel scores on content, delivery, enthusiasm and overall performance; online votes (http://bit.ly/PmmZUa); creative assignments (JBentley Makeover Day, CMH Fashion Week, and our video blogs that are due today); professionalism & background check. So, the voting isn’t the only thing that matters, but IT. MATTERS!

The voting part is really cool because it gives viewers an opportunity to get to know the contestants (albeit through a short video). And though it’s not the final say, it’s awesome when you’ve voted for someone and they win. I can imagine in mid-November, when they announce the winners during the current CW Star Kaitlin’s “year in review” 30 minute show, there will be people who will say “Hey!!!! I voted for him and/or her!”

This contest is so nervewracking because it is truly anybody’s game. I loved meeting all of the contestants, but how awkward to know everyone who is competing for the same job you’re competing for! Every single one of us is qualified for the positions, so it’s hard to tell who they’re going to go with. Personally, I feel good about the competition because I know I tried my very best (and that my very best is very good haha). Growing up, my dad didn’t just say “try your best” when it came to my schooling, he would say “get an A”. So, if he were still here, he probably wouldn’t say “Good luck!” to me about the competition, he’d say “Win”.  And I hope that just as I brought the A’s home back then, that I can bring the “Win” home now.

And, I really need your help to win.

"Alissa Henry CW Star Contest"

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pressed to get a job but this is very, very important to me. I said it in my video and it sounds cliche, but it would truly be a dream come true. Not the kind of dream that people have when they’re sleeping and they say “whoa I dreamt I was riding in the car and now I’m riding in a car!” Nor the kind of dream people have that is pretty far-fetched like my friend’s dream of meeting and then marrying Beyonce. This is the kind of dream that can actually happen! I’m not being dramatic when I say that this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve done so much since college graduation, it’s basically a running joke amongst some of my friends. I’ve been an unpaid Managing Editor of a daily webzine, a volunteer blogger, executor of an estate, a personal banker, a cashier, a personal assistant, an administrative assistant, the social media manager for Mayor Coleman’s re-election campaign, and – of course – woefully unemployed. They say life experiences – both good and bad – make you a better journalist. I’d like to think that the past three years flailing around Columbus, trying my darndest to get a job in my field yet encountering one closed door (or unanswered door!) after another have made me more appreciative of opportunities like this. Possibly moreso than I would be had my excellent grades, experience and internships (at both Fox and CNN) landed me a dream job right out of college. It’s like someone once said, “We can only appreciate the miracle of sunrise once we’ve waited in darkness.” Maybe those other things didn’t work out just so this would work out. I think life works that way, do you?

This is honestly everything I could ever want (writing, television, video blogging, social media, entertainment, fashion and a career in my hometown all rolled into one) and I am so close! It’s not just about me wanting to do the job, I seriously would make a great CW Star. I have so many ideas of things we can ramp up and add to the program. I want to help make 2013 legendary. It will already be a year to remember because there will be two Stars this year instead of one. Sharing the CW Star position with someone else will be awesome because I like working with people and also because we will be able to do so much more! I think with two, we can do twice as much, twice as well. I want us to be the best CW Stars in the nation and make Columbus’s CW network the most watched and the Stars the most effective in reaching their community and representing the sponsors.

They say the proof of desire is in the pursuit and I am running after this thing as hard and fast as I can because I want it soooo bad! In terms of my career, the next two weeks are probably the most important two weeks of my life thus far.

Please help me make my dreams become a reality.

Vote for me by watching my video and ask your friends to do the same. And any mention on social media websites would be greatly appreciated!

Let me know you voted when you do either in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Email.

Thank you and I’ll definitely keep you posted on the results 🙂

3 Comments on “Here’s Why You Should Vote For Me To Be The Next CW Star!

  1. Good Luck my fellow Pinterest Pal!! I am rooting for you!! I watched all of the videos and it is so obvious that you are the best choice! I don’t even know you personally but just from watching the videos and seeing everyone’s personality, your’s definitely stood out the most to me!! so good luck.. I have already watched the video a few times, but I will continue lol 🙂


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