The CW Star Contest is over!

The past several weeks have been simultaneously energizing and exhausting!

Voting ended last night and, as I said before, if we’re Facebook friends, you follow me on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest or are in my list of email/phone contacts then you’ve undoubtedly been bombarded with a plea to vote for me (and I hope you voted for me!). I am so overwhelmed by all of the people who watched my video, shared it, and encouraged me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot thank you enough.

When I started the competition, I was dreading the “plea for votes” aspect. I was thinking, “I don’t wanna to beg people to vote!!!!” But as I got into it, I realized I wasn’t begging as much as I was giving people an opportunity to do what they wanted to do: Vote for me to be the next CW Star! The support was incredible and it strengthened my faith that I may actually win this competition! It also has gotten a lot of people excited for me, so that’s really cool!

Thinking of the CW Star contest — much like the presidential election which also ended last night — I can’t believe it’s over! So much has happened!

First, I auditioned at Polaris Fashion Mall on August 16th.

"Alissa CW Star auditions"

Then I made the Top Nine!

J. Bentley Studio and Spa gave me a makeover

And I shot a promo video for the salon.

A couple of days later, I interviewed in front of a panel of judges

That’s when I shot the 60-second promo asking for your votes:
"CW Star Contest Alissa"

During CMH Fashion Week, I attended the fashion show, recorded promos, and interviews.

Shooting a promo with James (a fellow contestant!)

Finally, I submitted a two-minute video blog on things to do in Columbus with less than $10.

Voting ended on November 6th at midnight….


…and now we wait!

A lot of people are asking when I find out and the answer is….I don’t know!!!! They will announce the winner on TV November 15th. (Yes, NEXT Thursday ohmigosh!) For now, I’m trying my best to relax, pray fervently and cross my fingers until they bleed….

I am so extraordinarily thankful for the support! I’m super excited and super nervous at the same time! I hope you’ve enjoyed my recaps on this audition process, I’ve definitely enjoyed writing it.

I’ll keep you posted on the results 🙂

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