CW Star Contest Video Blog: Have A Great Weekend For Less Than $10!

I made this video for the CW Star contest a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone so I haven’t been promoting it as much as I want to. Now that the voting on the 60-second video is over, I can say:

Watch my video blog!!!

Click here to watch my video!

The last thing we had to do for the contest is write, shoot, edit and produce a video blog on a topic of our choice.

As the CW Star, a large part of the job is creating content for the website, so this gives the judges an opportunity to see how we would do with that important task.  We were to use “journalistic storytelling principles to covey and capture the mood of our subject, event, place, etc.” to bring an idea of ours to life.

It took me a while to decide what to do because I had so many ideas, but I wanted to do a video that was informative, helpful and highlighted a few different places in Columbus. I decided my blog would be “how to have a great weekend for less than $10” because I’m all about being frugal, having fun and sharing money saving tips with others! I am very happy with how it turned out.

A few people who have watched my video told me things like “I didn’t know there’s a free farm”; “Me and my girlfriend decided to go to the Columbus Museum of Art on Sunday”. One couple didn’t know that there are self-serve frozen yogurt places in Columbus so they drove to 30 minutes to Dublin just to go to Menchie’s! Unfortunately, they didn’t tell the employees at Menchie’s that they came after watching my video. Darn. Oh well. I’m glad I was able to introduce them to one of the many great frozen yogurt places in Columbus!

Shoutout to Menchie’s, Slate Run and Columbus Museum of Art for letting me record in their facilities…and even the Carriage Place theaters people who didn’t.

The video blog was the last step for the competition. Now, we wait to see who they picked!

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