“The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything.” -Mia Hamm

"Alissa and Cameron CW Stars"

Cameron made this fantastic graphic for us!!


There are those things in life that you never forget and for me it will definitely be the moment I found out I won the contest.

Not only did I win, my friend Cameron Fontana won too! That means, we are BOTH the 2013 CW Stars!!!!!! It’s like a movie you watch where you clap at the end, but leave the theater thinking “that sort of happy ending never happens in real life” except it DID happen and it IS happening!!! AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Seriously, for those that have read my blog, you know how much of a struggle I’ve had trying to get my foot in the door as far as a career in television is concerned. This is more than a foot in the door. This is entire body inside of the door, down the hallway and sitting at the table. It finally happened for me.

This year I’ve been reading through the One Year Bible with my church. One of my favorite parts of scripture is when it says “And then God remembered [Hannah, Rachel, Noah, Abraham, etc]. All of these things will be going on, and suddenly the scriptures will say “And then God remembered” and that person whom He “remembered” will get a miracle. If my life were recorded in the Bible, I’m sure this part would begin with “And then God remembered Alissa”.

That’s how I feel. I’ve been praying and believing God and begging and applying all over the country and doing everything I know to do to get a job in the television business. And you know what happened? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. But now, all of the sudden, I get a job that is way better than any job I have ever applied for.

Seriously, I am now going to be the face of a network, with my friend, in my hometown. I would have never even thought that something like this could happen for me, but it did!!

"New CW Stars"

The CW Network team made this collage of us from our Big Reveal!

I don’t think I’ve been more happy. I told my husband, I have everything I could ever want! It seems weird to say that, almost scary. No one gets everything they want right? We’re always striving for something else, never satisfied, never content, always wanting. But right now, in this moment, I don’t want anything! I got it! I already have the love of my life and now I have my dream job!

Dreams do come true!!! God does answer prayer!!! Hard work pays off!!

It’s awesome because I know that you can do everything right and still lose, but now I know that you also can win!

I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’ve spent so much time wanting and now I’m in the having stage and am just like ohhhh emmmm geeee! I cannot stop laughing and just being happy and excited.

I am ready to work my buns off too. The CW Star contest is over and now it’s time to focus on plans for the upcoming year. It’s going to be great to work with Cameron because he’s so energetic and creative and I think that we complement each other in a lot of ways and will combine to make this the best year CW Columbus and their sponsors have ever had!

2013 is going to be incredible. I am beyond ecstatic!

On Thursday night, Star TV aired on The CW Network. It was recap of the current CW Star Kaitlin’s year as well as the Star Contest and Reveal of the winners. I’ve blogged about the process, but watching the video brings it to life. So if you missed it, here it is in four parts:

And finally….The BIG Reveal!!!

They told us we had to come in and audition together in pairs to see how we work on-screen, but really they brought just me and Cameron in to surprise us and let us know we won!!! How sneaky! I was SO surprised!! My husband drove me to the station because he was off that day and we were going to somewhere after the audition. He was sitting in the car outside so when they surprised me, I was like “OMG! I have to call my husband and tell him to come inside!” Haha. That’s why my phone is in my hand. Cameron was so overwhelmed, he ran OUT of the studio and down the hallway haha.

So, yes, ladies and gents, I am one of your TWO new CW Stars.

Thank you so much for your support throughout this process and I look forward to a spectacular year! Oh, and, as my pastor’s wife once said, “Just a reminder, God still answers prayers”.

5 Comments on “CW Star Contest Update: I WON!!!!

  1. Congratulations!! I can literally feel your happiness through the post.
    And ION, i also did marry the love of my life in September…and loved reading your blog all through this process 🙂
    Good luck!


  2. Congratulations! Thanks for the part about “God remembering” because I needed that today. Keep walking in the blessings!


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