What Is Marriage Like?

How’s married life?
Like the fries at the bottom of the bag.
Like finding $20 in my pants pocket.
Like a snow day during finals week.
Like pushing the button for an elevator and it’s already there.
Like a blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Like when a cashier opens a new checkout lane for you.
Like the first bite of food after a fast.
Like the cool side of a pillow.
Like your favorite song coming on the radio.
Like getting a handwritten letter in the mail.
Like seeing that direct deposit notification when you forgot today is payday.
Like finding an open spot near the door in a crowded parking lot.
Like that extra candy bar falling out of the vending machine.
Like opening that first gift under the Christmas tree.
Like getting a warning from a cop instead of a speeding ticket.
Like that first hot & sunny day after a cold winter.
Like all green lights when you’re running behind.
Like money already in the meter when you pull up to park.
Like waking up to the smell of your mom cooking breakfast.
Like getting a refund way past 30 days.
Like waking up before your alarm and having lots of sleep time left.
Like an item you’re buying being cheaper than you expected.
Like collapsing into bed after a really long day.
Like all of your friends showing up to your birthday party.
Like looking fabulous when you bump into an ex.
Like getting the keys to your first apartment.
Like finally fitting back into your skinny jeans.
Like getting a Twitter mention from a celebrity.
Like discovering free wifi.
Like finding something you’ve been looking for all day.
Like complimenting your friend’s purse and she says “you can have it”.
Like getting a laugh from a crowd of people.
Like remembering your umbrella when it rains.
Like receiving a Facebook friend request from a long-lost friend.
Like getting off the freeway just before a traffic jam.
Like catching your favorite show on TV just as it begins.
Like the praise & worship team at church singing your fave song.
Like a full iPhone battery when you know you’ll be waiting around somewhere for a while.
Like finding a gift card in your wallet with money still on it.
Like your favorite contestant winning a reality competition show.
Life is full of #WINNING moments and being married to Joe is like one #WIN after another.
It’s our first anniversary! #BestYearEver

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