Thank God I’m Not Mary Jane

0110_Being_Mary_Jane_630x420I finally watched the first episode Being Mary Jane.

And if you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch it in full here:

Or you can do yourself a favor and skip it.

I really didn’t like that show and to be honest, it vexed my spirit. It’s weird because I already know I can’t watch scary movies or shows like Law and Order SVU and think I’m going to sleep soundly. But, I definitely wasn’t expecting Being Mary Jane to keep me awake.

I think what I hated most about Being Mary Jane was how “real” and “relatable” it is supposed to be. And maybe I hated it because I could relate to some parts and also because I hoped to God I will never relate to other parts.

Of course some will say BMJ is real life and to that I say, why do I want to spend time watching a life worse than my own and call that entertainment? Her life wasn’t entertaining at all to me. It was sad. She leads a very troubled life. Her relationship with her closest coworker is tenuous, her relationship with her family is strained, she has no friends, no love life, no spiritual life. Nothing. In the quest to make her “relatable”, the writers made her pitiful.

I want to watch something uplifiting, something aspirational – not something that is going to bring me down and make me feel like there is no hope.

Aren’t we tired of the same narrative? Aren’t we over the same “Sex and the City” blueprint?

Are people still emulating Carrie? We saw her ending. She spent 10 years chasing a man whom she ultimately ended up bored with when they got married. Congratulations.

Maybe I hated the show because I need a happy ending. We all need a happy ending.

And the only happy thing about Being Mary Jane was the ending – because I didn’t have to watch it anymore.

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