Our Two Year Anniversary!!

Alissa and Joe Wedding

Coblentz Cabins
Coblentz Country Cabin – Owl’s Perch

Happy Anniversary to my husband, my best friend, my supporter, my handyman, my bug killer, my emergency photographer, my last-minute video editor, my cold feet warmer, my look-in-that-tupperware-in-the-fridge-to-see-if-anything-is-growing hero, my you-can-tell-me-if-its-nasty cooking taste taster, my is-this-inappropriate-for-work outfit approver, my love.

Thank you for always noticing when I change my hair – even if it takes a couple of days. For waking up early to watch me on TV – and rewinding it on DVR if you missed the first few segments. For building me an epic walk-in closet. For gassing up my car when it’s too cold for me to stand outside. For washing the dishes when I’ve used every single dish in sight just to cook one small dinner. For restarting the washing machine when I’ve left my clothes in there for days. For helping me find my keys/phone/iPad/purse/everything else I’m losing around the house every other minute. For listening to yet another work story. For pretending to care about celebrities when I’m dying to tell you what one did or said. For listening (or at least half-listening) to me ramble about whatever. For playing with my nieces and nephews when they visit us. For saving me a seat at church in case I make it after work on Sunday mornings. For praying for me. For being happy for me when I’m super excited. For sympathizing with me when I am so upset. For giving me sound advice when I don’t know what to do. For always, always encouraging me. For talking me off the ledge when I’m certain I’ve blown it. Thank you for all the little things – and big things – you do on a regular basis to remind me that you care.

Two years down. Forever to go. I love you.

Alissa and Joe

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