Today, I was live on Good Day Columbus for the first time since my car accident!

I was only off for two Sundays, but it felt like forever!!

When GDC started in September of 2012, I didn’t take a single Sunday off for 14 months! Going to bed early on Saturday nights and feature reporting Sunday mornings is my life, my routine, and my favorite thing to do!

Going to church last Sunday morning was fun and going to church is the only thing I miss about being off on Sunday mornings. Still, I missed my job and this morning I was baaaaack!

My husband woke up super early and drove me straight to the Convention Center for my feature. (Note to single men/women: as far as it depends on you, marry someone supportive!!)

It was still a little tricky because my foot hurts unless I’m seated with it elevated and I can’t stand on one foot for any period of time. On the air, I chatted back and forth with Adam and Maria about being back at work and my inability to walk and using a scooter. Those two are the best.

Feature reporting requires a lot of moving around so I am really thankful for my scooter! I can’t move around a lot on my crutches, walker or even a wheelchair. On my scooter though? I’m good to go!

My morning was really fun! I featured the Columbus Bride Show. PR Queen Sarah Irvin, set everything up for me and it was perfect!

Among other things, I met the editor of Columbus Bride (and fellow Bobcat!) Jenny Rogers, ate delicious cake from Jan Kish La Petite Fleur cakes, got 3D eyelashes and pretended to demonstrate teeth whitening.

Honestly, I was so nervous about going back to work this morning, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was afraid I would oversleep, afraid I would be in a lot of pain, afraid I would be rusty on the air, afraid I wouldn’t be able to prop my foot between hits, afraid of everything!

All my fears were for naught. It turned out wonderfully and, in fact, this morning’s feature really gave me confidence that I can do this for the next few weeks and do it well!

Still, I am SO looking forward to taking this boot off! The countdown continues!

IMG_1907 IMG_1906 IMG_1903 IMG_1898 IMG_1894 IMG_1891

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