Behind the scenes! Giuliana and Bill Rancic Interview

Bill and Giuliana RancicToday I interviewed Giuliana and Bill Rancic! The famous duo was in town for the Columbus Bride Show and I was so excited to meet them.

I was hoping I would already be seated in the room when the Rancics came in, but that didn’t work out. Instead, they were seated and I had to ride into the room on my scooter! Not quite the impression I wanted to make, but I didn’t have another choice.

My husband was with me because he had to take me to the interview and pick me up, so I asked him to just stay since it wouldn’t take that long. It was great to have him there with me to share the moment. He isn’t into celebrities, but he’s seen Bill and Giuliana on TV so I’m sure that was at least a little bit cool for him! (Plus, from now on, every time I see them on TV, I’ll be saying “remember when we interviewed them?!”)

Bill and Giuliana were SO nice! I told them about my accident (how could I not? Im wearing an enormous boot!) and then it was time to do the interview.

I prepared my questions beforehand on an index card, but I didn’t need them. We talked relationships, reality shows and balancing career with family. It was a quick interview because they had to go to their meet & greet but it was amazing.

I pride myself on the fact that I don’t get starstruck – this job wouldn’t work if I did – but it was incredible to have a moment to sit down with someone I’ve looked up to in this business for so long. Bonus is that she is happily married and has a kid. I’m happily married (no kids yet!) but I love seeing people have it all because I truly believe it’s possible.

They are so inspiring and I look forward to sharing my interview with our viewers.

Coming soon!

[UPDATE: Here’s a link to the story I wrote and edited –]

Giuliana Bill RancicGiuliana Bill Rancic

Giuliana Bill Rancic

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